July 29, 2021

President Lasso left Miami’s Jackson Memorial and met his last grandson | Politics | News

Four days after his operation, President Guillermo Lasso left Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The president was operated on Wednesday for a cyst in the lumbar area. The intervention lasted approximately four hours.

Looking good and riding in a vehicle, Lasso was photographed with two nurses from Miami’s Jackson Memorial. The photo transcended this Saturday afternoon among his circle of collaborators. He communicated to them that the attention he received was “very professional and unbeatable.”

Through his Twitter account, the president confirmed that he was discharged. “Today I was discharged. The operation was a success, I thank you for your prayers and good wishes. I start my rehabilitation process. A hug to all ”, he posted next to another photo.

With his more than a million followers of Tik Tok, he shared a video in which he is seen taking steps accompanied by a support. There he commented that the “operation was very good” and awaits the stage of therapy and recovery to be 100% with the mobility of his legs.

The president was also able to meet Federico Juez Lasso, his eighth grandson, who was born in Miami days before being operated on.

Lasso was able to carry the little boy in his arms. He is the second son of Freddy Juez and the eldest daughter of the president, María de Lourdes Lasso Alcívar.

While recovering from the operation, Guillermo Lasso received a call from US Senator Christopher Dodd

The photo of the meeting also circulated among his collaborators, whom he said was a “great prize” to meet his grandson. He introduced them to his Tik Tok followers and maintained that he was the brother of his granddaughter Lulita. “La Lulita has her own little brother, Federico,” he said.

President Guillermo Lasso met his last grandson, Federico, who was born this week.

After leaving the hospital, the president plans to stay a few more days in Miami before beginning his return to Ecuador.

This procedure was performed by Dr. Barth Green, one of the most prominent worldwide in the area of ​​neurosurgery.

Guillermo Lasso’s eighth grandson was born. His name is Federico

Lasso underwent a “medium complexity” surgery: a cystoperitoneal bypass. This consists of the placement of a catheter in the lumbar area with which a cyst that formed near the spinal cord several years ago will be drained after a medical malpractice suffered when being treated for an accident in Spain.

This formation presses on the nerve in his right leg, preventing him from moving, so he uses a cane.

With this operation, the president will leave that baton in the medium term, Vice President Alfredo Borrero, who is a neurosurgeon and knows his case, explained days ago. (I)