July 26, 2021

Renaud Muselier in PACA, Edouard Philippe in Le Havre … the tenors are starting to vote

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09h08 : On the political side, some have chosen to go early in the morning to put their ballot in the ballot box. This is the case of former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who has already voted in his city of Le Havre, or of Renaud Muselier, LR candidate in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

09h08 : Hello franceinfo, hello from an abstainer from the first round who will be in the second because nothing on the shelf …

09h08 : Hello franceinfo, I only received the professions of faith from the departmentals, while for the first round I had received everything. I will vote anyway, like in the first round, but since it is a pentagular and I hesitate between two fairly close lists, I would have liked to have had these documents beforehand.

09h09 : Hello ! Passionate about politics, I know who to vote for weeks before election day, I get information from the regional press, radio, discussions … I put on “my beautiful clothes” and voting always gets me some emotion, the arguments, the “excuses” of the abstainers never convinced me. This time, I did not receive the professions of faith for the regional ones … Long live democracy!

09h09 : There must be an excuse not to do one’s duty as a good citizen. All parties went from set to set on TV to develop their program.

09h10 : I live south of Lyon. I did not receive the professions of faith from the candidates neither in the first round, nor in the second. I find it unacceptable that these elections were maintained under these conditions because there is an inequality between the voters. I will go and vote for the presidential election if I am not totally disgusted with politics by then …

08h57 : Did you receive the election propaganda? Are you going to go to the polls? You answer us in the comments.

08h25 : This morning, the Journal du Dimanche is already projecting into the “after”: in its pages this morning, the weekly explains why Emmanuel Macron will have to “move” after the regional ones.

08h57 : Unsurprisingly, the second round of regional and departmental elections made the front page of many media this morning. And it is of course the question of the mobilization of citizens that occupies the headlines.
Portada by Le Parisien (France)Cover of Midi Libre (France)

08h12 : A hello from an abstainer from the first round who will vote in the second because there are issues 😉

08h57 : Recall that in the first round, the many hiccups in the distribution of professions of faith did not help participation. In an Odoxa-Backbone consulting survey for the Figaro and franceinfo published Thursday, 16% of non-voters say they did not go to vote because they did not have the necessary information to do so. Yesterday, many of you here deplore not having received the electoral propaganda. Will this have consequences on your mobilization in this second round? Do not hesitate to tell us about it in the comments.

08h57 : If the abstention during the first round of the ballot has been historically high, the call for the mobilization of all political parties and the scenario of the previous regional elections, however, gives hope for a resurgence of participation in the polls, we explain. in this article.

08h58 : One of the challenges of this election day will of course be the extent of the abstention. The first round of the departmental and regional ballots was marked by a record abstention (66.72%). Will the second round meet the same fate? First elements of response at midday.

08h59 : The polling stations opened at eight o’clock. 48 million voters are called to the polls today for the second round of regional and departmental elections.