July 28, 2021

Six Cubans were included among the finalists for the 2021 MLB All-Star Games Voting – Complete Swing

By Franco Miguel Alvariño

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 27, the official MLB website announced the finalists in the voting for the Game of stars 2021. They also reported that the process to decide the starters in the game will begin next Monday and will conclude on July 1.

The information includes three players per position in the American and National League, so nine outfielders appear on the list. The note includes several Cuban-born players who seek to be included in the Colorado party.

The top three designated hitters finalists included Yordan Alvarez, with an offensive performance that has been growing in recent weeks. The support of the fans along with an offensive line of .306 / .370 / .541 AVE / OBP / SLU, keep him as the third contender, only surpassed by Shoehi Ohtani and JD Martínez.

In the area of ​​receivers, Yasmani Grandal finished the first phase in third place, surpassed by Salvador Pérez and Martín Maldonado. The Cuban directs his candidacy with an exact defense and an offense, which has as its strong point long-range hitting, production at opportune moments and discipline at the plate. His offensive line is .175 / .385 / .419 AVE / OBP / SLU.

The fight for the first cushion of the American League has two contenders from the Greater Antilles. Yuli Gurriel ranked second, while José Abreu marches very close to him. Both will be fighting for second place, as the first has a single name: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Yuli Gurriel: .337 / .398 / .523 AVE / OBP / SLU

José Abreu: .239 / .318 / .432 AVE / OBP / SLU

Yoan Moncada, without much noise, slipped into the dispute for the third pad of the representative team of the American League. The native of Cienfuegos, Cuba, is ahead of Rafael Devers and Alex Bregman. At the end of the first voting phase, the Creole exhibited the following offensive frequencies .278 / .403 / .398 AVE / OBP / SLU. In a season he proves to be a more disciplined athlete in the batting rectangle, trading long-range hitting for increasing his chances of getting into circulation.

Lastly, the option to include three finalists per position opens up the possibilities for nine outfielders to fight for three spots in the game. Jose Adolis with his excellent rookie season he entered as the fifth most voted patrolman for the All-Star Game. The “Bombi” has 20 homers and 54 RBIs as a cover letter. In addition, his explosive game not only captivated the Cubans, because in Texas he is one of the favorites of the fans.

These are the finalists to be part of #AllStarGame 2021. 🌟 Remember that the next voting phase begins tomorrow. 🗳⚾️ https://t.co/XZom9wwox1

8 Cubans went to the second round of voting and are now looking for your support to start the All-Star Game. This second phase begins tomorrow. #MLBCuba 👏🇨🇺 https://t.co/6yM2I5OCjR