July 24, 2021

Syrian criminals: “Deported persons would be exposed to considerable dangers”

Germany Syrian criminals

“Deported persons would be exposed to considerable dangers to life and limb”

Before the start of the trial, a defendant is brought into the hearing room of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) by judicial officers.  The 21-year-old Syrian has to answer for a fatal knife attack on tourists.  +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++ Before the start of the trial, a defendant is brought into the hearing room of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) by judicial officers.  The 21-year-old Syrian has to answer for a fatal knife attack on tourists.  +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A 21-year-old Syrian was sentenced to life imprisonment in May for attacking a homosexual couple in Dresden and murdering one of their partners

Source: picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentral

The Federal Ministry of the Interior proposes that Syrian refugees in German custody be offered a sentence if they return to their homeland in return. The move triggers a conflict in the coalition, and the opposition has also been harshly criticized.

EThe initiative by the Federal Ministry of the Interior to deal with refugees from Syria who have committed criminal offenses is met with broad rejection and causes conflicts in the grand coalition. The proposal for deporting these refugees comes from Helmut Teichmann, State Secretary in the Ministry, which is led by Horst Seehofer (CSU).

State Secretary Helmut Teichmann said that the ministry had examined various options since the conference of interior ministers in autumn 2020. One of them is the possibility of bringing so-called terrorist threats, criminals and people who have given a false identity to “parts of the country that are not controlled by the Syrian army”. However, due to practical difficulties, this has since been abandoned.

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In addition, consideration is being given to “whether we Syrians who are in custody will offer them to release part of their remaining sentence when they leave,” said Teichmann. The prerequisite for this is, of course, in each individual case that the public prosecutor’s office agrees. Nationwide, there are currently around 50 prisoners for whom this would be an option.

Sharp contradiction comes from the coalition partner SPD: “There is still a cruel civil war in Syria,” said Dirk Wiese, vice chairman of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, WELT. “Deported persons would be exposed to considerable dangers to life and limb.” In addition, the Federal Republic of Germany has no diplomatic relations with the regime of the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad. “We have been pointing this out to the Federal Minister of the Interior for months.”

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“But there are always new, unrelated proposals coming from there,” criticized Wiese. “It would also send the wrong signal to the victims if the perpetrators were given an unjustifiable discount. Deportations to Syria are currently not possible. Everything else is window dressing. “

Union parliamentary group Vice Thorsten Frei made SPD-led ministries responsible for the implementation difficulties. “Returns to Syria will hardly be possible in the foreseeable future. That is why we asked the Minister of Justice after the terrorist act in Dresden to submit proposals for reforming the preventive detention of those at risk. ”So far, however, he has not heard a single idea. “Incidentally, the same applies to the Foreign Office.” In these difficult cases, both ministries acted as if they were not concerned with internal security in Germany.

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From the left came tough criticism of the advance. “Those affected should possibly return to war and crisis areas for a few months’ remission, this is a cynical proposal that is likely to be legally controversial,” said Ulla Jelpke, domestic policy spokeswoman for the Left Group. “We reject such deals for human rights reasons.”

The FDP in the Bundestag referred to difficulties in the practical implementation of the idea: In particular, criminals and threats would have to be consistently deported, said parliamentary group vice-president Stephan Thomae. “If, with the consent of the responsible public prosecutor, a voluntary departure with suspension of the remainder of the sentence is possible, all the better. For this, however, the federal government would first have to create the practical conditions. ”

However, it must be ensured that the people in question actually travel to Syria and do not return to Germany anytime soon. “This will require a minimum of cooperation with the Syrian regime.”

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The AfD used the initiative for a general settlement of how Germany dealt with refugees from Syria. “Lifting the general ban on deportation to Syria was a first, but obviously inadequate step,” said the political spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group, Gottfried Curio. The now put forward proposal of an exit deal with detention only shows “the helplessness of the government in the whole deportation issue, so that such a horse-trading is even considered in the first place”. That it is only about symbolic politics in election campaign times becomes clear when one considers that this regulation only affects 50 prisoners.

“It is finally time to be honest about the whole issue and to reestablish relations with the Syrian government; in this way a long overdue, broad-based repatriation program to largely pacified Syria can be initiated – not least, all Syrians are now needed in their homeland for reconstruction, ”said Curio. “The current, absolute policy of isolation towards Syria has once again proven to be not in the very best interests of Germany.”