July 26, 2021

“Years to straighten out” the country. Gouveia Melo criticizes “the culture of the Portuguese”

“Seductive and no tolerance for rogues”. This is how Vice Admiral Gouveia e Melo, the coordinator of the National Vaccination Plan against covid-19, introduces himself in his first major interview, where he criticizes the “culture of Portuguese” and notes that “it was years to straighten out” the country.

With the “heart in Africa”, where he was born and lived until adolescence, in Mozambique, and “the brain in Portugal”, Gouveia e Melo looks with some criticism at the country where he lives in his first big interview with a newspaper, precisely the Sunrise.

“What bothers me is the culture of Portuguese”, admits the vice-admiral, stressing that “as a people, we have fantastic things, but, at the organizational level, we believe a lot in improvisation”.

“As people are more concerned about their position than with what they should do”, he criticizes, considering that “they were years to straighten out” the country.

“I do what I have to do and I’m merciless with the rogues“, he also points out in this interview, where he assumes that he knew he had “skills that could be useful” to help the country when he was invited to coordinate the National Vaccination Plan.

Regarding this process, Gouveia e Melo points out that when Portugal reaches the target of 70% vaccination, will “sleep earlier and soundly”. “My system is so saturated that I don’t feel normal things anymore”, he says.

In the interview with Nascer do Sol, the vice-admiral also understands that “the navy is need a revolution quickly“.

“We are a country that every time it focuses on land it loses strength and every time it focuses on the sea it gains strength”, he says.

On a more personal note, Gouveia e Melo admits that he “had some success” with girls when he was young and even had the nickname “Marlon” in a reference to the seductive North American actor Marlon Brando. “The trick was to make the girls laugh”, he concludes.

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