July 28, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo receives ridicule on Twitter for acting

As expected, Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the most conspicuous players on the pitch in the round of 16 of the 2021 European Championship between Belgium and Portugal (1-0). But the superstar had his most remarkable scene not in an action in front of the goal, but in midfield near the sideline.

Ronaldo dribbled past Youri Tielemans on the left in the course of the first half, who poked the ball away and caused him to stumble. The Portuguese landed with his head on the shoulder of opponent Thomas Meunier.

However, it was more of a light touch than a hard impact. Judging by Ronaldo’s reaction, however, one might have suspected the latter.

“Embarrassing”: Ronaldo receives a lot of ridicule

The 36-year-old fell to the ground, held his face screaming and rolled over on his own axis. Referee Felix Brych did not rate the scene as a foul – and rightly so.

Ronaldo quickly realized that his behavior was excessive. He got up and went on playing as if nothing had happened. Labeled as “embarrassing” ARD– Commentator Tom Bartels acting role of the record European championship goalscorer.

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Of course, the spectators did not miss Ronaldo’s action. On Twitter, the attacker from Juventus Turin had to endure a lot of malice and ridicule.

Here Cristiano Ronaldo (r.) Hits his head on Thomas Meunier’s shoulder © Imago

“My child has already bumped into closet doors worse and doesn’t complain so much,” wrote one user among the Sports show-Tweet. “That was more than embarrassing for CR7, screams like a stick, holds himself in the face and he wasn’t even touched on the face …”, said another.

Ronaldo compared to Neymar

Another called Ronaldo “Drama Queen”. “Looked really bad. Will he ever be able to play the piano again?” Asked another Twitter user.

Cristiano Ronaldo holds his face
Cristiano Ronaldo holds his face © Imago

“Yes, yes, could be nominated for an Oscar. For the best dope comedian in professional football,” wrote someone. Comparisons were also made to Neymar, who is also known for his acting performances on the football field.

In an interview Ronaldo once announced that he wanted to try his hand at acting after his football career. He’s already given a sample against Belgium.

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