August 1, 2021

Nicolás Castillo does not renounce America; Renato Ibarra still can’t get a team

Nicolás Castillo wants to convince Solari to stay in America; while Renato does not enter into plans and they look for equipment for the Ecuadorian

America He completed his third day of preseason in the United States ahead of the start of Apertura 2021. One of the Americanist elements that have stood out is Nicolas Castillo, who despite the fact that it is not in the plans of the board of directors and the azulcrema coaching staff, does not renounce his illusion of wearing the Eagles shirt again in the next tournament.

Sources commented to ESPN that the Andean is trying to the best of his ability to earn the opportunity with Santiago Solari. The attacker is working practically at the same level as his teammates and performs the exercises with the same intensity with the others, even at the end of practice he is one of those who stays extra time on the field to practice free kicks and shots on goal.

The same source indicated that Castillo is in good spirits and trying to create a good atmosphere with the rest of his teammates in the Azulcrema dressing room, despite the fact that he is not considered for the next tournament. In recent days, the Chilean has shown through his social networks several images where he is in a healthy coexistence with the azulcrema squad waiting to define his sporting future.

The bad news for Nicolas Castillo is that despite all his efforts, the board of directors and the Americanist coaching staff remain firm in the position that he will continue his career in another team next semester. The Azulcremas hierarchies want the forward to take up the rhythm of the game in another institution and perhaps he can return to Coapa later. Nico Castillo assures that he no longer runs any risk due to the thrombosis he suffered in 2020, however the directors of the Eagles prefer to take things calmly and that for now he does not play with him America to avoid any setback.

On the other hand, regarding the issue of Renato Ibarra, the Ecuadorian still cannot find a team and the future of the Ecuadorian remains in the air. Atlas wants to keep the South American, but what America pay half your salary as you did in the last year; However, those of Coapa are not willing to put more than 20 percent of the attacker’s monthly pay, Fuentes confirmed to ESPN what America He has offered Renato’s letter to clubs like Cruz Azul during several transfer markets but they have not received a positive response and for now Ibarra remains in limbo waiting for a team to take over the majority of his salary.

For now America he keeps working in a double session in Utah for the friendly games that he will have in preseason, the first of them will be next July 4 when Santos Laguna is measured in Salt Lake City, for this meeting it is expected that coach Santiago Solari use all its available elements, although it is not yet defined if it will give minutes to Nicolas Castillo to be displayed after a year and a half of absence.