July 26, 2021

Regional 2021. Carole Delga widely re-elected president of the Occitanie Region

Reelected hands down on Sunday June 27, 2021, Carole Delga is back for a new mandate at the Regional Council of Occitanie, under the eyes of her campaign director Kamel Chibli (© GL / News Toulouse)

Green tunic “moderate environmentalist”, or yellow jersey of a big favorite … On the day after the start of the Tour de France, Carole Delga showed all the colors to his opponents, at the foot of the Pyrenees.

Unsurprisingly, the outgoing president (PS) of the Occitanie Region has crushed the competition Sunday 27 June 2021, in the second round of regional elections, where only one in three voters found their way to the polls (37.24%, to be precise). The final results came shortly after midnight: the top of the list of Occitania in Common was largely re-elected to the reins of the Region, with 57.77% of the vote.

The RN 35 points behind

Far behind, the RN MEP Jean-Paul Garraud and the deputy LR from Lot Aurélien Pradié did not follow the pace imposed by the former Secretary of State for Commerce. The first one only harvests 24,00 % votes, or approximately 35 points behind Carole Delga. The second culminates at 18,22 %. Scores in sharp decline for the two rivals of the elected socialist, compared to the regional elections of 2015, when the president was sent to the Hotel de Region with 44.81%. Five and a half years, and a term later, she earns 13 more points. At the same time, the RN fell back 10 points… And that (obviously) did not escape Carole Delga.

“I think that when we remind the population of what the ideas of the far right represent, there is awareness and that’s how we make it back down. You have to have courage in relation to it. screw the far right, not the slightest complacency! “

Carole DelgaReelected PS President of the Occitanie Region

The emotion of Martin Malvy

If the coronation was expected, the emotion was lively, on the Capitol, around the re-elected president. In particular for the deputy of Comminges Joël Aviragnet, the only survivor of the PS in the last legislative elections in Haute-Garonne, and close among those close to Carole Delga. He was in tears on Sunday night. Martin Malvy, now 85 years old, was also part of the party, too moved: it was the indestructible president of Midi-Pyrénées for 18 years who had put Carole Delga in orbit …

Jean Castex’s “republican congratulations”

In the evening, the Commingeoise also a call from Jean Castex. Originally from Gers, and former mayor of Prades (Pyrénées-Orientales), the Prime Minister wanted to send him his “Republican congratulations”, whispered Carole Delga, without hiding that she had “special relations” with this elected representative of the region (ex-LR), who was an ally in his fight against the National Rally.

Who is Carole Delga?

If she was born in Toulouse, Carole Delga, 49, has the small town of Martres-Tolosane pegged to the body. This town of 2,300 souls, 60 km south of the Pink City, where she still lives, is also, ironically, the town where its main rival to the Regionals, RN Jean-Paul Garraud, also has family ties. … Coming from a “very modest” background where, she testifies, “the ends of the month were difficult”, Carole Delga was brought up by her grandmother until she was 6 years old, before being reunited with her mother, who was a secretary, then a cleaning lady, after being made redundant at the age of 50.
Territorial civil servant in active life, Carole Delga was plunged into the political deep end in 2008, in her stronghold of Comminges. “The deputies of the town hall of Martres had come to ask me to go with them and to be the head of the list”. The start of a meteoric rise. Propelled mayor of Martres from the first round, she took her first steps two years later at the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées at the time, in the wake of Martin Malvy, becoming its vice-president in charge of rural issues. Elected Member of Parliament for Comminges in the first round in 2012, and re-elected mayor of Martres in 2014 (still in the first round), she was appointed Secretary of State for Commerce a few months later by Prime Minister Manuel Valls. At the end of 2015, Carole Delga led the “Our South in common” list for the elections in the new region born from the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées merger, and won in the second round, some 44.8% of the votes, in a triangular opposing it to the FN and the Republicans.

The best re-elected outgoing in France

But if her remarkable score makes her the best re-elected outgoing president in France, and if le hashtag #Delga2022 appeared on social media tonight, to draw an Elyos destiny to the President of Occitanie, on the evening of her re-election, Carole Delga evacuated the hypothesis: “We are really not there”, she sketched, while calling on the PS to “be inspired by this left of reality” which is proving its worth in Occitania.

Regional elections 2021

In a strong position from the first lap

Carole Delga had already done the difference in the first round : despite massive abstention, the outgoing president had collected last Sunday some 96,000 votes more than in 2015, when the RN lost… more than 300,000!

While it was given 10 points less in the latest polls, behind the RN candidate, Carole Delga won 39.57% of the vote in the first round. Largely behind, the MEP RN Jean-Paul Garraud had collected 22.61% and the LR deputy of Lot Aurélien Pradié 12.19%. All three had qualified for the triangular.

In a position of strength, Carole Delga had presented the same list in the second round that at the first, offering the luxury of refusing the merger with Antoine Maurice and Europe Écologie les Verts (8.84% in the first round), after having swept away before even the first round any discussion with Myriam Martin and France Insoumise ( 5.06%).

First round. Reminder of the final results of the Regionals in Occitania:
Carole Delga (PS) 39,57 %
Jean-Paul Garraud (RN) 22.61%
Aurélien Pradié (LR) 12.19%
Antoine Maurice (EELV) 8.84%
Vincent Terrail-Novès (DVC) 8.78%
Myriam Martin (LFI-NPA) 5.06 %
Malena Adrada (LO) 1.77%
Jean-Luc Davezac (LREG) 0.76%
Anthony Le Boursicaud (LDIV) 0.41%

What were the results of the last Regional, in 2015?

Elected president of the new region born from the merger of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées at the end of 2015, Carole Delga won in a triangular (44.81%) ahead of RN Louis Aliot (33.87%) and LR Dominique Reynié (21.32%).
In the first round, it was Louis Aliot who won the vote (31.83%), ahead of Carole Delga (24.41%) and Dominique Reynié (18.84%), followed the EELV Gérard Onesta (10 , 26%) and the DVG Philippe Saurel (5%).


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