August 5, 2021

William Barr calls “absurd” accusations of electoral fraud

EThese considerations are revealed by the book ‘Betrayal’, written by the correspondent for the television channel ABC News in Washington, Jonathan Karl, which will be published in November.

The Atlantic magazine published today an excerpt of the book, news agency EFE.

Based on a series of interviews with the former attorney general and his assistants, the book describes how Barr walked away from Trump after the November 2020 presidential election, which saw Democrat Joe Biden win.

Donald Trump did not acknowledge Biden’s victory, alleging electoral fraud, without ever providing evidence.

William Barr, who served between February 2019 and November 2020, confessed to Jonathan Karl that he faced a dilemma when he had to decide to approve investigations into allegations of fraud, which included unofficial investigations conducted by himself.

“If there was evidence of fraud, I had no reason to stop [as investigações], but my suspicions all along were that there was nothing. It was all absurd,” he stressed.

Barr also claimed that the accusations by the former Republican President and his team that the vote-counting machines had been manipulated to alter the direction of voting in favor of Biden were not true.

“We realized from the start that it was all fake,” added William Barr, who in December 2020 made a definitive break with Donald Trump, through an interview with the AP news agency.

In that interview, he clarified that his department had not witnessed “fraud on a scale that could affect the electoral result”.

After these statements, Trump and Barr had a ‘sour’ meeting at the White House and the Republican also criticized the former prosecutor for not having indicted Hunter, son of Joe Biden, due to his business in Ukraine.

Two weeks later, Barr resigned, while Trump continued to maintain his electoral fraud thesis.

The book also exposes the pressures on Barr from the leader, at that time, of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who currently belongs to the minority in that body.

According to the former US Attorney General, McConnell told him that Barr’s statements were hurting the country, the Republican party and conservative efforts to win special elections for the Senate, crucial to deciding control of the House. High.

McConnell later confirmed these claims by Barr to the book’s author.

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