July 24, 2021

At the Troadec trial, eight hours of questioning, from improbability to horror

We no longer note. Unlike President Karine Laborde, we don’t want to know “How do you manage, sir, to cut off heads?” “How are you doing with the joints”? “And the cervicals, sir, at what level exactly are you sectioning?” »« And the viscera? “ The only question we ask ourselves at this point is what is all this for, Madam President?

Nothing that can usefully shed light on the court decision to be rendered by the Loire-Atlantique Assize Court, in Nantes, before which Hubert Caouissin is appearing, for the murders of Pascal, Brigitte, Sébastien and Charlotte Troadec.

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It has already been more than six hours since the accused answered his questioning, Monday, June 28. Tell him about that night from February 16 to 17, 2017, when he left his house, an isolated farm in Pont-de-Buis (Finistère), and drove 250 kilometers to park near the Orvault pavilion (Loire-Atlantique) where her brother-in-law, sister-in-law and 18 and 20-year-old nephews lived. Let him explain his arrival in the garden, his face doubly camouflaged under a cap and the hood of his parka, with a notepad, a camera and a stethoscope in his gloved hands on the pretext of them. ” to spy “ and to collect the proofs of what he accused them of, the theft of a fantasized loot of gold coins from his stepmother, Renée Troadec. His hours of waiting for the lights to go out in the bedrooms, his passage through the garage to cut the circuit breaker and finally, around 3:45 am, through the interior door of the pavilion.

The premeditation hypothesis ruled out during the investigation

Then the massacre of an entire family, of which he gives an account as detailed – almost movement by movement – as it is improbable. In summary, it would have been ” surprised ” by Brigitte and Pascal Troadec, who would have armed himself with a “Weird crowbar with one tooth” that Hubert Caouissin would then have managed to snatch it from him and with which he would have struck them one by one to defend himself.

– « So you are alone facing two, then four adults. They are all dead, you, you have nothing, no injury, you accidentally hit, right? asks the president.

– Yes.

There is another hypothesis, sir. You were at the end of the line. You would have entered the house, you would have gone to the bedrooms on the ground floor where you would have hit Sébastien and Charlotte while they were sleeping in their bed and the noises would have woken Pascal and Brigitte… ”

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