July 24, 2021

Bomb found at Oehlertring in Berlin – bomb successfully defused


Bomb successfully defused in Steglitz

Police officers cordon off Munsterdamm and Prellerweg in Steglitz. A bomb was found nearby.

Photo: Reto Clear

Bomb discovery in Steglitz: A bomb was defused on Monday near the summer pool at Insulander.

Bomb found in Berlin-Steglitz: A 250-kilo World War II bomb was found on Monday during construction work on Oehlertring near Munsterdamm. The bomb could only be defused in the evening.

The police were on site with around 150 emergency services in the afternoon and drew a 300-meter restricted circle around the World War II bomb. A police spokeswoman hoped for a quick evacuation of the residents.

Police spokeswoman Heidi Vogt was initially “cautiously optimistic” that the bomb would be defused in the early evening. The blocking circle of 300 meters was as good as free, she said in the afternoon. The German 250-kilogram aerial bomb with a Russian detonator was found in the morning. In the afternoon it was decided to defuse them on the same day, the police spokeswoman said.

There were more German bombs in World War II: Most of the time, the Soviets had captured a German bomb and installed their own detonators, only to then drop them over Germany.

Bomb found in Berlin-Steglitz: bathers have to leave the outdoor pool

The site of the World War II bomb was near the summer swimming pool at the Insulaner, which is located on Munsterdamm. The bathers were asked by the lifeguard to leave the swimming pool in the afternoon. You should gradually get out of the water. The summer pool was completely cleared shortly after 5 p.m.

Traffic was also severely affected by the bomb in Steglitz. For example, rail replacement services on the S2 from Blankenfelde to Südkreuz had to be extended, as the Südende train station could no longer be approached by the buses, as the S-Bahn Berlin announced.

The bus line 187 was diverted in both directions between Insulaner and Leonorenstrasse / Siemensstrasse, as the BVG announced on Twitter.

During the defusing, train traffic on S-Bahn lines 2, 25 and 26 between Südkreuz and Lankwitz / Marienfelde was interrupted. A replacement bus service was set up. Long-distance traffic was also affected, as announced by Deutsche Bahn.

Bomb found in Berlin – Munsterdamm closed: traffic jam

In addition, Munsterdamm was closed to car traffic. There is a traffic jam on the bypass route Prellerweg, Röblingstraße and Attilastraße, said the Berlin traffic information center. Drivers should plan 30 minutes more.

Before the disarming, a helicopter had finally flown over the restricted area for control. At around 7.30 p.m. the inspection flight was over and the defusing began. But it wasn’t until 9 p.m. that the police were able to report the successful end on Twitter. All residents were able to return to their apartments, and the traffic restrictions were lifted.

Klaus Nieswand lives on Sembritzkistraße and had to leave the apartment. “I either go to the Yugoslavs or go to the Stadtparkcafe,” says the 87-year-old. He had already survived a couple of bombs on Berlin. Now he will survive them too. It could take two or three hours. He is not yet worried that he will have to spend the night outside.

3000 people were affected in the restricted area, the Red Cross looked after the people in the OSZ Wilhelm Ostwald gym at Immenweg 6-10 who had to leave their homes and did not know where to stay.