August 1, 2021

Driver ranking after the Styrian Grand Prix

The hierarchical order of Formula 1, after eight Grand Prix

The moment of great champions and new talents is confirmed, but it also sinks some who fail to give what is expected of them.

Above all, it is the confirmation of the great period of Max Verstappen in the Red Bull team and the struggle of Lewis Hamilton not to lose track of him.

Sergio Checo Pérez finally placed himself in third place overall, not far behind Lando Norris.

1 (1) Max Verstappen | Red Bull – Without fissures. Nothing could be done from Mercedes to stop the fourth consecutive victory of the team; the fourth in the Dutchman’s season. And the most worrying thing for Wolff and his organization: he beat them easy.

2 (2) Lewis Hamilton | Mercedes – At Verstappen’s most powerful moment, Hamilton stays as close as possible. Those 18 points difference would have been in the bag had it not been for his mistake in Baku. That’s how closed the championship is and the seven-time champion cannot be considered dead.

3 (4) Sergio Pérez | Red Bull – Checo should have confirmed the team’s great moment by setting up third. However, Red Bull is not perfect and they failed in the pits (and Checo a day earlier qualifying behind Norris). But there is so much confidence in the car that they changed the strategy and were half a second or one or two more laps before it worked.

4 (3) Lando Norris | McLaren – He did nothing wrong, on the contrary, he qualified in fourth and started third. It was a stone in Perez’s shoe for 10 laps and then as usual he was the best of the 16 non-RB and non-Mercedes cars. He goes to fourth place because Checo took off a little.

5 (7) Carlos Sainz Jr. | Ferrari – The Spanish pilot recovered to a mediocre classification. With a consistent pace and taking advantage of the problems between Gasly and Leclerc, and the abandonment of Russell, he left the Ferrari sixth. Although he should not be amused that Leclerc, despite his problems, ended up just behind him.

6 (9) Fernando Alonso | Alpine – Points in the last four races and in 6 of the 8 of the year. Again in Q3. Perhaps in Alpine they wonder if the one who had to be renewed for three years was the Spanish and not Ocon.

7 (5) Pierre Gasly | AlphaTauri – The good weekend he was building, he collapsed at the start of the race after a collision with Leclerc.

8 (10) Charles Leclerc | Ferrari- Everything seemed to indicate that Estiría would be usn tragedy for Charles, but after going to the tail due to a contact at the start (something that happens regularly) he overcame to finish in seventh place, the same in which he had started.

9 (11) Valtteri Bottas | Mercedes – The Finn tooth and nail defended that last position on the podium. He fought for pole in qualifying. But two things: already in the race he does not seem to be at the level of Hamilton and Verstappen and, he starred in a rare incident in the pits during free practice.

10 (13) George Russell | Williams – The boy with the eyes of British motorsport has the charisma, talent and tragic fate of the protagonists of soap opera melodramas. Qualifies in eleventh (tremendous for being a Williams) by penalty to Tsunoda part tenth; He runs in eighth place, but drops out in the middle of the race. That does not take away from his brilliant performance, which reminds Alonso in Minardi.



The Mexican rider acknowledged that at the end of the Styrian GP he felt frustration at not getting on the podium, since due to a bad pit stop he was half a second from overtaking Valtteri Bottas.

11 (6) Sebastian Vettel | Aston Martin – A gray weekend for the German. Under no circumstances did he show greater speed than his teammate.

12 (16) Lance Stroll | Aston Martin – Good strategy, precise handling and without errors. Four points to his account and a well-deserved jump in the ranking.

13 (8) Daniel Ricciardo | McLaren – Another difficult weekend for the Australian. When will I have a great weekend? You need it, to regain confidence.

14 (17) Yuki Tsnoda | AlphaTauri – He got over the terror of getting on an amphibious plane with his Red Bull colleagues, so there was no more fear left in his body. He entered Q3, made a mistake and was penalized. In the race it was a seesaw, but he saved a point so that Alpha Tauri did not go blank.

15 (15) Kimi Raikkonen | Alfa Romeo – A ‘bad’ rating (it was so tight, we don’t know if it was really ‘bad’). However, the veteran was in the antechamber of the points and some will say “but Gasly and Russell were left out.” Yes, but Kimi still beat Giovinazzi.

16 (14) Antonio Giovinazzi | Alfa Romeo –Although he entered Q2 when Kimi stayed in Q1 he never found race pace after a chaotic start.

17 (12) Esteban Ocon | Alpine – Beaten by his teammate, Alonso put him seven cars apart in the standings. In the race the pace only gave to beat Latifi, the Haas and Giovinazzi. That’s how mediocre the Frenchman’s weekend was.

18 (18) Mick Schumacher | Haas –It doesn’t go up, it doesn’t go down, because being worse than Latifi and Mazepin would be a lot. Beating a Williams is merit, doing the same with his Russian partner is an obligation.

19 (19) Nicholas Latifi | Williams – The only good thing for the Canadian was that Russell did not finish, otherwise, when looking at the race classifier, we would see a Williams put in the points and one lap behind the leader, and the other sailing in the background three laps and two of your partner.

20 (20) Nikita Mazepin | Haas – All cars that finished the race outside of the top four were lapped, but Mazepin saw Verstappen pass three times. There was no shortage of his spins on the track and even his boss Guenther Steiner ‘trolled’ him, who gave him a pirinola and called him ‘Maze-spin’.