July 28, 2021

Greens: “That is interference with the right to vote. Ms. Baerbock is involved “

Germany Green candidate Hubert Ulrich

“That is interference with the right to vote. Ms. Baerbock is involved “

Hubert Ulrich does not want to give up his first place on the list

Hubert Ulrich does not want to give up his first place on the list

Source: dpa / Oliver Dietze

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Hubert Ulrich, who was voted number one on the state list in Saarland, should vacate his place. That is what the Federal Greens are calling for. But the candidate does not want to give way. This is unique in the history of the Federal Republic, he says. “It is blown for the hunt.”

DHubert Ulrich, who was elected the top candidate of the Greens in Saarland, defends himself against demands from the Green party leadership to resign.

“What the federal party is doing here is encroaching on the right to vote. Ms. Baerbock is indirectly involved through Mr. Kellner, ”he told the“ NZZ ”on Monday. A list elected by a large majority is “simply made available”. According to Ulrich, this is unique in the history of the Federal Republic.

The background is the events at the state party conference of the Greens in Saarbrücken a week ago. The outgoing state chairwoman Tina Schöpfer wanted to be elected to number one on the list, but fell through in three ballots. The party congress then decided to take a step that is now annoying the Greens in the Bund: The obligation to place a woman in first place has been lifted.

Then the former state party leader Hubert Ulrich competed against the candidate of the Green Youth, Jeanne Dillschneider, won and was raised to the top position.

According to the newspaper, the result caused great excitement among the Greens. Ulrich was accused of an “ego trip”. Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock also criticized the procedure unequivocally on Wednesday: “We wanted it differently.” Former Green leader Simone Peter demanded a fresh start for the Greens in Saarland. Groups of voters should not be discouraged that Hubert Ulrich should “forego first place and allow the list to be reorganized”.

Kellner: A “debacle” that “irritates”

Several district and local associations want to have the list declared invalid. The Saar Green Alliance sees Ulrich’s election as “ruthlessly overriding the women’s statute”, which is unacceptable. Uneven list places are reserved for women.

Greens General Secretary Michael Kellner spoke in a letter to the state executive according to “NZZ” of a “debacle” that “irritated” the federal party. Now it has to be a matter of “minimizing political damage”. Arbitration proceedings must be averted, Hubert Ulrich should free up number one on the list.

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But Ulrich does not want to give way. “I’m being made an enfant terrible. It is blown for the hunt, ”he says. His majority doesn’t come from anywhere. The former party leadership drove the car against the wall. “And they want to put it on me. That’s the story. “

Apart from Ulrich, the conditions at the Saar Greens look like chaos. State chairman Ralph Rouget resigned five days after his election. A video had previously been published that shows the Bundestag candidate Irina Gaydukova, who was elected second not answering several questions properly can. She then left the party.

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According to the newspaper, Ulrich’s candidacy has now been challenged by an arbitration tribunal – but because of other formalities. A valid state list must be submitted to the Federal Returning Officer by July 19.