July 31, 2021

RSI: Ventura presents “revolutionary change”

RSI: Ventura presents “revolutionary change”

Ventura will again propose to change the RSI. This time the diploma offers the conceptualization of “subsidiary dependents” and brings employment contracts.

Chega will bring another bill to the Assembly of the Republic (AR) with the aim of “combating subsidy dependence” and placing beneficiaries of the Social Insertion Income (RSI) to provide a “public service”. In the diploma, Ventura reiterates the identification of the Portuguese Gypsy community as being especially prevaricating and offers the conclusion that subsidy dependence “causes degeneration in the evolution of the human being”. The bill also emphasizes that the “obligation to provide public work” seeks to contribute to a “fairer and more inclusive society”. By i, Ventura guarantees that it is “a revolutionary project”.

This is the fourth time in a year that Chega has tried to change the 2003 RSI Law. Asked how this proposal differs from the previous ones, Ventura explains that it is an “innovative” and “revolutionary” project for creating the concept of “communities of dependents” and seeking that these “have differentiated rules in accessing this provision”. Ventura wants the Government to produce an annual report that identifies communities that are especially abusive of RSI. You can identify them by “ethnicity” – such as “gypsies” – or by “geography” – such as the “rabo de Peixe community”. In a second moment, the Government must create “mechanisms to fight them”. Now, one of the “innovative mechanisms” proposed by the jurist is that the identified communities make “evidence of active job search in the last two years” to benefit from the income. They must also prove that they do not have “parallel incomes” or “manifestations of fortune”, such as “high engine capacity boats or cars”. “Basically”, he asks for a “preliminary fiscal investigation to ensure that this does not happen”.

Another novelty will be that those who benefit from the RSI will be “associated with a service contract”. What kind of job? “Public: clearing forests, building roads or even administrative tasks”. It guarantees that whoever fails to comply “will lose access to RSI”. The diploma also proposes that the “contribution [dos beneficiários do RSI] it must be proportionate in order to avoid abuse or labor exploitation”. Asked if this is an answer to the left, Ventura confirms: “Yes. It is to avoid being considered modern slavery. The work must be proportional to the income received. Those who receive €300 have one role and those who receive €1,000 will have another”.