July 24, 2021

the Delta variant is progressing in France with “20% of new cases”, but the epidemic continues to decline

Double the previous week. The Delta variant which is wreaking havoc in Russia is progressing in France. He already represents “20% of new cases” of Covid-19, plus “We can escape it” with vaccination and tight tracing, assured, Tuesday, June 29, Olivier Véran. “We must not give up”, assured the Minister of Health.

“For the moment, the incidence rate (number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants) continues to drop, we are at 18, that is to say twenty to thirty times less than during the peak”, explained the minister on Franceinfo. “The variant represents about 20% of new diagnoses, but in percentage, not in absolute value, since there is a decrease in the number of cases”, continued the minister, recalling that Delta (formerly called Indian variant) is “More contagious and gradually becomes dominant”.

On Wednesday, government spokesperson Gabriel Attal estimated the presence of the Delta variant at between 9% and 10% of new cases of Covid-19.

“Tendency to decline in the Landes”

Mr. Véran underlined that this variant is becoming the majority, even dominant, in many countries, such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia or Singapore. The Delta variant, “At present, tends to decline, including in the Landes”. In this department where he appeared first in France, the government led “A very strong action plan, of“ contact tracing ” [recherche des cas contacts], massive vaccination and the incidence rate fell by 10% in a few days ”.

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In the event of a fourth wave in the fall, the minister estimated that it would undoubtedly be ” different “ previous ones, like what is happening in the United Kingdom, because “Logic would dictate that if you are vaccinated, you could be infected but will not develop serious forms”. Ideally, the government aims “Zero health, social and educational impact” for a fourth wave since “With the vaccine, we have 94.95% reduction in hospitalizations and severe forms” and a decrease in asymptomatic forms.

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For the minister, the “Problem is not there”, but rather “These people who hesitate and delay vaccination, and these people, who are not vaccinated, are particularly exposed to a particularly contagious variant”.

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