July 28, 2021

the first Insider beta is here with some surprises

She was eagerly awaited. Microsoft is offering Insider program members the opportunity to test Windows 11 ahead of time with build 22000.51.

After a remarkable presentation and equally remarkable communication problems, Microsoft is ready to offer Windows 11 for testing. While waiting for the official release scheduled for the end of 2021, the firm can count on the members of the Insider program to test its future OS in beta version and thus offer feedback on the various problems and bugs encountered.

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Windows 11 almost as presented

Those who follow the development of Windows closely already know: the basis of the system is almost finished. So the first build proposed by Microsoft here already offers many of the expected new features for Windows 11.

We find the new Microsoft Store, after an update of the applications, the new Start menu in the center, the Widgets which permanently replace the dynamic tiles or the graphic redesign of the system with its famous rounded edges. For a first beta, the whole is already very harmonious it must be recognized.

The new file explorer is also here. You have to wait for a system restart to see it appear. It integrates the new Windows 11 interface with a new consistent context menu. To keep the integration of other software while offering something harmonious, Microsoft has simply relegated the applications in question to a submenu. The regulars of ” right click> extract with 7 Zip ” or ” right click> open with Notepad ++Will therefore have to add a step to their operations.

Some surprises

This build is also an opportunity to discover some unexpected, but welcome novelties.

Interface level, we noticed that the new taskbar offered a floating window when you leave the cursor on certain icons. For example, the search icon reveals a menu with recently chosen results and an option to type in search, without clicking. We also have a floating window to quickly switch from one desktop to another from multitasking.

There is also the option Dynamic Refresh Rate unveiled by Microsoft in the official version of this version. This new option only concerns certain laptops at the moment. It makes it possible to make the refresh rate of the screen dynamic, like what we know on iPad or smartphone. Thus, the screen will go to 120 or 144 Hz if you are using the stylus or are in very active use of the screen with a lot of scrolling , to make the display more fluid. On the other hand, to save performance and autonomy, the PC will slow down the screen if it considers it necessary, for example in front of a movie.

And some problems

Please note, like any beta version of software, thebuild22000.51 is not free of bugs which can be annoying or blocking. Microsoft lists several on the official blog.

  • The taskbar does not appear on other screens than the main one.
  • The settings may be inaccessible if you install Windows 11 from a PC with multiple user profiles.
  • Application icons may not load during a search.
  • The Install New Microsoft Store button may not work.

To give just a few examples of blocking problems. The complete list is on the Microsoft blog which it is strongly recommended to read before installing a beta.

ThebuildWindows 11 22000.51 is available in the Windows Insider Program Dev channel.