July 31, 2021

Soares de Oliveira: «There was a great lack of knowledge on the part of the coach regarding the squad and vice versa» – Benfica

Benfica’s SAD administrator addresses last season and assumes expectations were set too high

In an interview with TVI24, Domingos Soares de Oliveira looked at Benfica’s last season and assumed that it was the structure’s own fault for placing “expectations too high”. On the other hand, the administrator of SAD das eagles says that at the start of the season Jorge Jesus had a “great lack of knowledge” regarding the squad, and vice versa, due to the many changes, and that this ended up weighing on him.

“The coach and the technical team were largely unaware of the squad we had and vice versa. We made a lot of changes at the same time and both the coach and the players didn’t know what they were going to do. This year that will take care of itself. stability, because we don’t foresee changes and places to change. We made a mistake of generating expectations that were too high and, if it were now, we would have to revise the speech. Not just the coach but the whole structure,” he began by saying.


Soares de Oliveira: «It is not worrying for Vieira to have a personal relationship with one of the shareholders»

“There is a time when we have this financial capacity. With the sale of João Félix, we created wealth for the club and the concern was what to do with it. Putting it in the bank was useless. How to apply it to win? It reminds us of 2013 , where we lost everything and then gained everything. It’s not a domain of faith. This year we did something we’ve never done: every time we reach the end of a season we take stock. In football it’s more difficult because there are more acts of faith. difficult to extract content and knowledge. This year, in addition to asking Rui Costa to make his assessment, we asked the coach and the players. I don’t remember this being done at Benfica,” said Soares de Oliveira.

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