July 31, 2021

The rivalry between Carlo Costly and Keylor Navas in the Honduras vs Costa Rica

The rivalry between Honduras and Costa Rica is one of the toughest at the Concacaf, because it is even considered as the main classic of Central American football, which is why throughout these duels, certain spikes have been unleashed between players, such as the one experienced by historical footballers of both teams, since the Honduran forward, Carlo Costly, shared some anecdotes of the confrontations he had with the Costa Rican goalkeeper, Keylor Navas.

During an interview for TD More from Costa Rica, Costly recalled the historic win in the qualifying rounds towards South Africa 2010, in which the ‘H’ beat Costa Rica by a score of 4 goals to 0 and where the spicy relationship between the Honduran striker and the current PSG goalkeeper began, which did not come out well on that occasion.

“It was in the game against Costa Rica here, in which we scored 4, there was an accidental soccer play, in which I think I fractured the septum of his nose with my knee and from there we brought that spike”Recalled the Honduran scorer, who remains in force within the league of his country.

The situation did not end there, because the catracho assured that during his next visit to Costa Rica, Navas ‘took revenge’ and hit him on the back, to later continue the dispute on a new Costa Rican visit to Honduras.

“Then I went to Costa Rica and he hit me on the back. Then playing here, we beat them 1-0 with a goal from Jerry Bengston and when he crosses it, Keylor is kneeling, so I come from behind and hit him. He chased me around and told the referee”Costly recalled with a laugh.

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Protagonists of an iron rivalry

Costly and Navas were protagonists of spicy duels in the Central American classic, in which the goalkeeper suffered every time he faced the attacker, because in addition to the aforementioned rivalry between both players, Navas was the victim of Costly, who marked him on different occasions. Costly is no longer part of the Honduras national team, while Keylor has been absent from the last Costa Rican calls and will not play the Gold Cup.