August 2, 2021

Yannick Jadot formalizes his candidacy

Yannick Jadot has been campaigning for so long that we had forgotten that he had not yet officially launched. It is now done: the European deputy Europe Ecology-Les Verts (EELV) announced it during the 20 hours of TF1. “I am a candidate for the presidential election. Because I love France and want to serve it. We can no longer procrastinate, I want to put ecology at the heart of power ”, he thus launched. There is no question, however, of stepping over the primary of environmentalists, scheduled for the end of September. “It’s a transparent designation method. It’s my family and I want to build a great French ecology team that will win ”, added Mr. Jadot who had always put forward his ” loyalty ” towards his political family. By appearing in the primary and – if he wins – in the presidential election, Mr. Jadot wants to forget the bad memory of 2017: having emerged as the winner of the environmentalists’ ballot, he had to withdraw in favor of Benoît Hamon. No question of doing that again.

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Yannick Jadot is convinced that only political ecology is able to largely unite the entire left, including those who are disappointed with macronism. This is the message he conveyed during the 2019 European elections which saw him come third (13.5% of the vote), behind the National Rally and La République en Marche. He said it again on Wednesday evening: “I want to bring together all those on the left who see that the question of ecology is central. I want society to come together and mobilize around ecology. There is a great challenge of climate and social justice ”. In addition, Mr. Jadot will detail his main proposals in an interview with L’Obs from 1is July and he will be the guest, the same day, of the morning of France Inter.

“German green”

Mr. Jadot’s statement follows that of Eric Piolle on Tuesday, June 29. The mayor of Grenoble is Mr. Jadot’s main rival. If the two men have a lot of points in common, in particular on the substance of the proposals, they differ on the style: discreet and methodical for Mr. Piolle; more bombastic and carried away for M. Jadot. In addition, Eric Piolle has been constant in setting up a “Humanist arc”, going from left to left to the old Macronists. Yannick Jadot has varied in his strategy. Two years ago, busy differentiating himself from Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he kept sending signs to the centrist electorate. Result: he appeared, according to his opponents, as “Right-handed”, holding a “Market ecology”. Among environmentalists, he was even described by some as «Real» or from “German green”, derogatory term for the left wing of EELV since environmentalists from across the Rhine agree to ally with the right.

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