July 26, 2021

Are you going to travel around the country? Learn about the likely evolution of Covid-19 in each region in the next 15 days – Internet

There is a new website to check the evolution of Covid-19 in Portugal and to understand what will happen in the next 15 days in the various regions of the country. By showing historical information and predicting future developments, the www.eu4covid.pt it can be a useful tool for those making travel decisions across the country for vacations, as well as it can be useful for health authorities, as it takes into account statistical models that guarantee contextualized information.

Winning, which developed the platform, explains that the delimitation of geographical areas at the level of parishes, which the authorities follow to identify the areas that potentially register the highest number of infections, does not consider this type of statistical models.

“These decisions are made based on the information obtained daily by the General Directorate of Health, that is, in current scenarios of the number of infected without taking into account the resident population, geometric distance measurements, chaotic or predictive scenarios, the same risk cartography” , explains the company.

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The information available at www.eu4covid.pt covers mainland Portugal. It allows for a weekly analysis of the virus evolution and provides a risk model that combines factors such as probability, susceptibility, danger, vulnerability and potential damage to present 15-day forecasts.

eu4covid is the result of a research project developed by Winning, which started with the finding of a higher incidence of the virus in the northern region, at an early stage, to study the spread of the pandemic nationwide.

The project was financed by P2020 and, as Jorge Correia, partner at Winning Scientific Management explains, sought to “study and design risk models that can respond to the different needs of public and private health entities”.