July 31, 2021

Britney Spears will remain under the tutelage of her father, decides an American court

His pleas as well as the support of his fans will have been in vain. A Los Angeles court rejected Britney Spears’ request to remove her father from the legal guardianship she has been subject to since 2008, following psychological disorders, and which gives him control over his affairs, according to different American media Thursday 1is July.

The Los Angeles Superior Court ruling, released on Wednesday, follows a request filed in September by lawyer Britney Spears, who wanted wealth management firm Bessemer Trust added to guardianship and father of the singer, Jamie Spears, is excluded, reports CNN.

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Requirement “To suspend James P. Spears immediately after the appointment of Bessemer Trust Company of California as sole guardian of the property is rejected”Judge Brenda Penny said, according to court documents viewed by CNN.

This decision comes a week after a plea by the singer to end the guardianship to which she is subject and which she considers abusive, during which she says she had to take drugs to control her behavior, not to have been allowed to make decisions about her friendships or finances, and not been able to have a contraceptive implant removed, even though she wanted to have more children.

The court ruling ignored Britney Spears’ statements last week. According to CNN, her father has asked the court to investigate the star’s accusations that she was drugged with lithium and made to sing against her will.

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Prevented in intimate choices

Britney Spears’ revelation that the guardianship prevented her from removing a contraceptive IUD has sparked outrage from fans and internet rights groups.

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Saying to himself “Depressed” and ” traumatized “, the 39-year-old singer asked the court on June 23 to lift this guardianship. “I just want to get my life back, it’s been thirteen years and that’s enough”, launched the pop star who spoke, at his express request, during a hearing conducted via the Internet.

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Britney Spears was placed under guardianship in 2008, after a high-profile descent into hell at the time. The conditions are very strict and provide that the decisions concerning the singer are taken in particular by her father, Jamie Spears, with whom she has long had a difficult relationship.

Although occasionally present on social networks to keep in touch with his fans, the star had so far refrained from discussing in public his guardianship or his difficult relationship with his father.

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