July 28, 2021

Lenka about the controversy about the dress she wore in “The Price Right” . “I can’t agree with that” – Celebrities

Lenka da Silva, 46, has been an assistant to Fernando Mendes on the “O Price Certo” program for over 17 years. This Wednesday, June 30, she saw her name on Twitter trends after journalist Fernanda Câncio criticized one of the dresses she wore in the public station’s program.

“It’s amazing how public TV continues to use women as props in this disgusting way”, begins by writing Fernanda Câncio on the well-known social network, also showing an image of the program’s assistant wearing a tight-fitting dress, in which her curves and chest are highlighted. “There are no obligations to meet the minimums in terms of respect for constitutional principles and plans for equality?” he adds.

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The journalist further fueled the controversy in another tweet: “In fact, where is the problem of putting two vases to decorate on each side of the presenter. There are people who see gender stereotypes in everything, dammit. Now, it’s all sexism, all sexism. Envious”.

Faced with the controversy, MAGG contacted Fernando Mendes’ assistant to find out what she thinks about the criticism she received from the journalist. “I can’t agree with that! There are few women to criticize. But others, on the contrary, even praise”, it says.

Asked if she expected that dress to be the target of controversy, Lenka explains that it has to do with each person’s opinion. “It depends on what each person thinks. I wore a dress similar to my colleague’s”, she emphasizes.

In the program “O Price Certo”, as well as in other formats of the public station, the choice of clothing is up to the wardrobe team, but the assistant guarantees that she has the possibility to choose. “It is our wardrobe that chooses, but of course we only wear it if we think it suits us. As you know, we do three programs a day”, concludes Lenka.