July 28, 2021

The arrival of an ultraconservative at the head of the European Union is controversial


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J.Gasparutto, C.Davy, A.Chable

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The European Union changes its president, Thursday July 1. The Prime Minister Portuguese gives way to its Slovenian counterpart for six months. John Janša, classified in the illiberal camp, does not have the best reports who are with Brussels.

John Janša is nicknamed the European mini-Trump. Thursday 1st of July, the Slovenian Prime Minister will replace his Portuguese counterpart at the head of the European Union for six months. Like the former US president, the very populist leader is making headlines on social networks. He writes up to 100 tweets a day, to personally attack journalists, whom he calls “retired prostitutes“, or to the Slovenian news agency, which he speaks of as a”national shame“.

His statements earned him another nickname, that of “marshal Twito, a contraction of Twitter and Tito, the former Yugoslav dictator. Because in Slovenia, John Janša also attacks judges, academics and demonstrations are multiplying to denounce an authoritarian drift.I cannot remain silent in the face of this government which is destroying our country, our democracy“said Dusan Keber, former Slovenian Minister of Health, on May 28, in front of cameras.