August 5, 2021

the right keeps Vaucluse, the left denounces a betrayal

“What I remember is that in Vaucluse, even when the left wins, it loses. ” Jean-François Lovisolo, socialist mayor of Tour-d’Aigues and departmental councilor of the canton of Pertuis, has the face of betrayed. Thursday 1is July, in the 18th century settinge century of the departmental council of Vaucluse, in Avignon, the candidate of the union of the left for the presidency of the community could only suffer his defeat. He had known it was inevitable from the day before. Dominique Santoni, mayor Les Républicains (LR) of Apt and outgoing vice-president of the departmental council, 57, was elected by a relative majority, with fourteen votes against twelve for his opponent. The National Rally (RN) and the Southern League, respectively six and two elected in the department, did not present a candidate, voting blank or null in each of the three ballots.

In unison with the six departments of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, won on Sunday June 27 by Renaud Muselier (LR), the Vaucluse therefore gives itself a Les Républicains presidency. Mme Santoni, heir to a long local political lineage, is the first woman to take up this post.

Four days earlier, neither she nor Mr. Lovisolo had imagined such an outcome. Re-elected in Pertuis, just south of the department, the Socialist elected official thought that the left and environmentalists had just reconquered the Vaucluse. Six cantons won, plus a seventh, that of Bollène, won by Mayor Anthony Zilio, ex-PS today without a label, seemed to give him the advantage. The right-wing pairs won only six cantons, while the RN retained three and the Southern League one.

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In 2015, already, the community had changed after a complicated ballot. The election of Maurice Chabert (Les Républicains) was decided in favor of age, right and left, six cantons each, not managing to decide. This time, everything was decided before the installation session. Anthony Zilio and his partner Christine Lanthelme, mayor of Uchaux, announced on Wednesday June 30, to everyone’s surprise, that they would vote for Dominique Santoni.

An agreement negotiated during a meeting of more than an hour with the mayor of Apt around measures concerning the canton of Bollène. And in particular the signing of a multi-year development contract, in which Mr Muselier’s regional council must also be involved. “I was the most convincing and it’s a great victory to have managed to rally Mr. Zilio and Lanthelme », welcomes the new president. Mme However, Santoni assures that she did not sign any document. “There is no exchange. Mr Zilio told me about projects, which, for the most part, fall within the competence of the department. We will look at what is good for the territory and, of course, we will help it. The canton of Bollène was forgotten in the past, today we are going to restore the balance ”, she promises.

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