July 24, 2021

War is back? Google and Microsoft end years ceasefire

Google and Microsoft have been fighting each other for years to conquer the market in a number of areas. These are often small attacks that companies target at opposing services to earn dividends for their own.

Something that was a real victory was a ceasefire agreed between the companies to put an end to the attacks. This period of grace has come to an end and the first attacks on both sides are already visible. War may be back now that the ceasefire between Google and Microsoft is over.

This is an agreement that has been in existence for several years and was intended to secure some peace in the world of technology. Attacks and complaints were common and intended regulators to focus their attention on competitors, with the results that were seen so often.

This state of grace will now have ended, with companies free to actively attack each other. The cases are already visible and recently Google will have attacked Microsoft after it defended a law in Australia that forced Google to pay to publish news.

Thus, the videos that had been circulating on the Internet for several years and that enjoyed and criticized the services of both companies may be back. The best known of them is even Scroogled, which Microsoft created to criticize Google's Chrome and the data collection it supposedly does.

The idea of ​​this agreement was also to allow both companies to work together and closely. This has materialized several times and with relatively great success, in many areas important to both.

Microsoft Google companies war

However, as seen in the Windows 11 presentation, one of the most recent ones seems to have failed. Microsoft will have Android apps running on its new operating system, but ended up having to choose another partner to gain access to a trusted app store. The most logical would have been the Play Store.

Several sources reveal this movement (1|2) and the likely opening of several fronts of conflict in the near future. With new CEOs controlling these companies, it's still possible that this open warfare scenario will retreat, but a lot will have to change for that to happen.