August 1, 2021

AfD Lower Saxony makes Wundrak the top candidate | – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

Status: 03.07.2021 7:48 p.m.

The AfD Lower Saxony has chosen Joachim Wundrak as the top candidate for the federal election. There were protests around the event in Braunschweig.

As in the first election, the 66-year-old ex-lieutenant general came out on top. The following list places should also be voted on at the event, which will take place up to and including Sunday. It is already the third attempt by the AfD. In February, the board of directors also expressed doubts about the validity of the first list drawn up in December at the regional election control. An attempt to correct this at the state party conference in mid-May had to be canceled – due to overcrowding of the hall and the resulting violation of the applicable Corona requirements.

State chief Kestner speaks to 600 members

According to the police, there were no complaints about the hygiene concept and the number of people in the hall on Saturday. At the beginning of the event, the country chief Jens Kestner spoke to the almost 600 party members present and called for unity. You have to act as a team, he said. “We all belong to the same party, even if it doesn’t look like it sometimes.”

Alliance against right demonstrates against AfD

The alliance against right and other protesters demonstrated against the AfD.

Even before the party began its event, the alliance against right protested with 400 people against the AfD, according to their own statements. According to a spokeswoman, there should have been “massive restrictions” by the police. Among other things, it would have blocked the demonstrators’ direct routes to the venue. According to the officials, some counter-protesters had blocked access roads. These blockades have been resolved and personal details have been established. A criminal complaint was also written. According to the police, demonstrators are said to have criticized the access routes being too narrow. “Due to a mistake, part of the Madamenweg footpath was blocked off,” said the police. The officers would then have widened the corridor. No one was injured, said a police spokeswoman. According to her, 110 people attended the event organized by the alliance and other counter-protestors.

State election control expresses doubts about the candidate list

At the beginning of May, the state election control had at least questioned the AfD’s candidate list. It could “not be predicted” whether the state election committee would accept or reject the list presented, it said. By July 19 at the latest, the regional election committee must have clarity about the list presented. That’s why the AfD is now repeating that List creation after several reports on behalf of the state executive committee had also suggested this step.


Wundrak (AfD)

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At the state party conference in Braunschweig, the former general was surprisingly able to prevail against Armin-Paul Hampel. (06.12.2020) 2 min

Tug of war between two camps?

A tug-of-war between two camps in the party is suspected behind the wandering around the list. In the original line-up, the right wing had lost out to the new regional chief Kestner. Both Kestner and the former regional chief Armin-Paul Hampel would have no prospect of a return to the Bundestag. Moderate forces that dominate the list consider the formal errors to have been staged and see a reorganization as an attempt to reverse the balance of power.

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