July 27, 2021

Ocean fire in Mexico caused by gas leak

Mexico witnessed a frightening event at sea. Due to a gas leak, a fire broke out on the ocean’s surface, turning a vast expanse of water into hell and recruiting huge ships to try to smother the flames.

On social networks, the fire was known as ‘Eye of Fire’ (in Portuguese, eye of fire).

Yesterday surprised Mexico with a fire that broke out on the ocean's surface. This resulted from a gas leak from an underwater pipeline and turned a vast expanse of water into a boiling inferno.

Video recordings of the fire show frightening and unbelievable moments. To combat it, three huge ships were called.

Fire in the middle of the ocean

The fire occurred near the Yucatan Peninsula, on an offshore oil platform owned by Pemex, a state-owned company. Having exploded at 5:15 am local time, it ignited the waters 150 meters from the platform. More than that, it did not result in any human injuries or deaths, as well as it did not involve any evacuation. The company stated that normal operating conditions were restored at 10:45 local time.

According to the head of Mexico's oil safety regulator, the incident "did not generate any spills". However, it did not reveal what could have caused the fire in the middle of the ocean, nor what exactly was burning.

In turn, an anonymous source told Reuters that "turbo machines at the Ku Maloob Zaap production facilities were affected by an electrical storm and heavy rains." This statement has not yet been confirmed by experts.

Fortunately, the fire does not appear to have had a widespread impact. However, the consequences associated with local species remain unclear.

Still, Pemex has a long history of similar industrial accidents. Over seven years, more than 100 people died as a result of fires and explosions associated with Pemex.