July 29, 2021

The Three Lions bite into Ukraine and join Denmark in the semi-finals! – Players’ brief and NOTES (Ukraine 0-4 England) – Football

Perfectly launched with a goal in the 4th minute, England easily qualified for the semi-finals of the Euro against Ukraine (4-0) this Saturday. Kane confirmed his return to form with a double.

Kane scored twice against Ukraine

England did not fall for the trap. For its first match away from its Wembley stadium in this Euro, against a team that had nothing to lose in this quarter-final, the English selection did the job against Ukraine (4-0), this Saturday evening, Rome. The Three Lions face Denmark in the semi-finals on Wednesday.

Kane mark of

The English could not hope for a better start in this meeting. After only four minutes of play, Kane took advantage of a superb serve from Sterling in the back of the defense to score with his foot and give the advantage to the Three Lions (0-1, 4th). Behind, the Ukrainians tried to react, and Yaremchuk alerted Pickford to a cross strike from the left, but the revolt of Andriy Shevchenko’s men was only an illusion for a few minutes.

Finally, England offered themselves the best opportunities in the sequel to the first act. Led by a very inspired Sterling, the English selection was dangerous on a header from Kane above the frame, then a strike from Rice rejected by the Ukrainian goalkeeper Bushchan. If possession was balanced in the end of the first act, Pickford had no other stops to make before the return to the locker room.

England droule

The scenario repeated at the start of the second period. This time, England only needed a minute to score after returning to the pitch. Upon receiving a free kick from Shaw, Maguire won in front of the Ukrainian defense to score with a header (0-2, 46 ‘). The English acceleration stroke in this second act was fatal to the Ukrainians who cracked four minutes later on a head from Kane, perfectly served on a center from Shaw (0-3, 50 ‘).

Completely stunned by this missed start to the second half, the Ukrainian selection let go and conceded a new goal from Henderson on a corner (0-4, 63rd). In the shelter in this part, Southgate took advantage of this clear advantage to turn its workforce and manage the state of freshness of its troops for the semi-final against Denmark. Ukraine, for its part, had long since surrendered and did not even insist on trying to save honor.

The score of the match: 6.5 / 10

There was no opposition for England tonight. Ideally launched by the opening of the Kane in the 4th minute, the English managed perfectly after the first period. By scoring as soon as they got back from the locker room, the Three Lions finally knocked out the Ukrainians, who gave up and conceded two more goals afterwards. At the end of the match, the two teams quietly waited for the final whistle to end this one-sided encounter.

The goals :

– Left side, Sterling stares at the Ukrainian defense and transplanted into the axis to serve Kane behind the defenders. The English striker throws himself in front of Bushchan to score by tackling with the tip of the right foot (0-1, 4th).

– On a free kick 25 meters slightly off-center on the left, Shaw sends the ball into the box towards Maguire, who scores with a cross header (0-2, 46 ‘).

– Found on the left side of the box, Sterling stares at his defender and finds Shaw on a heel. The English side sends a perfect cross to six meters for the victorious head of Kane (0-3, 50 ‘).

– On a corner shot by Mount, Henderson gets rid of the marking and places an angry head at the near post (0-4, 63 ‘).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Harry Kane (8.5 / 10)

The English captain is back! Scorer against Germany in the round of 16 after a difficult start to the tournament, the English center forward continues on his spear. He handed over to give his team the advantage early in the game. Confidently, he scored the third English goal, from a header to 6 meters, and passed very close to the hat-trick on a sublime fly deflected by the keeper. Replace the 73rd with Dominic Calvert-Lewin (non not).


Georgiy Bushchan (4): beaten by Kane early in the game, the Ukrainian goalkeeper kept his team alive in the first period with a parry on a strike from Rice. Abandoned by his defense after the break, he can not do much on the other three goals conceded.

Illia Zabarnyi (3): like all his defense, he had a difficult evening. He took the water on Sterling’s acceleration.

Sergey Krivtsov (not rated): the central defender had a complicated start to the match. He is caught in his back by Kane’s run on the opener, then struggled to get his head back in place. He must finally give up his place in the first period following an injury. Replace the 36th by Viktor Tsygankov (3), who did not contribute much and dropped the marking on Henderson during the fourth English goal.

Mykola Matviyenko (2): if the Ukrainian defender had resisted rather well in the first period, he gives up after the break. He’s beaten by Maguire on second, then lets Kane adjust his head on third. The symbol of a Ukrainian team which had very quickly given up arms.

Oleksandr Karavaev (2): the Ukrainian right side has had a difficult evening. He was tasked with stopping Sterling in his hallway, which he never managed to do. The English winger had fun making him misery for over an hour.

Mykola Shaparenko (4): his role is not to defend and it shows. He fails to stop Sterling from serving Kane on the opener. He was more inspired in the game by displaying a lot of accuracy in his transmissions to launch the Ukrainian actions.

Sergiy Sydorchuk (4): positioned further back than his two compres in the midfield, he wanted to set the pace for his team. Unfortunately, his lack of accuracy in transmissions has not allowed him to make much difference in the past. Replace the 64th by Evgen Makarenko (non not).

Oleksandr Zinchenko (4): the Manchester City player had to bring a technical touch in the Ukrainian midfield, but he suffered against the English superiority in this sector. He ultimately never succeeded in destabilizing the opposing bloc.

Vitalii Mykolenko (5): the left side is undoubtedly the Ukrainian defender who suffered the least in this evening. He defended rather well against Sancho and Walker.

Andriy Yarmolenko (3): the West Ham striker did not have the expected offensive performance. Certainly, he showed his qualities early in the game on inspired passes and dribbling, but he was little colored over the course of the game. No doubt he spent too much energy defending.

Roman Yaremchuk (5): the image of his offensive partners, the Ukrainian striker did not have many good balls to exploit. But he was arguably the most dangerous Ukrainian in this meeting: a cross strike stopped by Pickford in the first half and a few breakthroughs in the English defense.


Jordan Pickford (6): the English goalkeeper made little contribution. He was attentive to the attempts of Yarmolenko and Makarenko. He found himself on an outing outside his area in the second half, but that had no consequences for his team.

Kyle Walker (5): a quiet evening for the English right side. Little put in difficulty, except on a breakthrough from Yarmolenko in the first period, he did not have to force his talent.

John Stones (6): speeded up two or three times, the Manchester City defender has recovered each time thanks to his good reading of the game. An overall solid match.

Harry Maguire (7): the central defender of Manchester United makes a good copy. He dyed the Ukrainian forwards and scored England’s second goal with a header from a corner.

Luke Shaw (8): the English left side can go home with a smile. He took advantage of the spaces opened by Sterling to rush into his lane, which allowed him to offer a decisive pass with a cross on Kane’s head. A few minutes earlier, he had already dropped the ball on Maguire’s head, who scored England’s second goal. Replace the 64th by Kieran Trippier (non not).

Kalvin Phillips (5): without forcing his talent, the Leeds midfielder did the job in midfield. He slid well to cut the pass lines and provided pressure to hinder the construction of the Ukrainians. Replace the 65th by Jude Bellingham (non not).

Declan Rice (6): vigilant defensively, the English midfielder was not put in difficulty by the very weak pressure from the Ukrainians. He took few risks but gave himself a great opportunity in the first half on a shot blocked by Bushchan. Replace the 57th by Jordan Henderson (non not), who scored England’s fourth goal with a header from a corner.

Jadon Sancho (5.5): the future Mancunien held for the first time in this Euro. After a shy first quarter of an hour, he slowly freed himself to create danger on several acceleration. All the same, we expected a little more from him.

Mason Mount (6): back in the starting XI, the Chelsea attacking midfielder delivered a shy first period. He did not manage to put himself forward enough to organize his team’s play. Better in the second half and a decisive pass for Henderson on his corner.

Raheem Sterling (8): left, right or in the axis… the Manchester City striker was a permanent danger for Ukraine. His technical accuracy has worked wonders and allows him in particular to offer a decisive pass to Kane on the opener. In the first period, it was again a superb overflow from the Citizen which brought the second big English opportunity on Rice’s shot. He was still decisive in the second half with his brilliant heel which led to the third English goal. Replace the 64th by Marcus Rashford (non not).

Harry Kane (8.5): read comment above.

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UKRAINE 0-4 ENGLAND (mi-tps: 0-1) – EURO 2020 – 1/4 the final / 1/4
Stade: Stadio Olimpico, Rome – Referee: Felix Brych, Germany

Buts : – H. Kane (4th) H. Maguire (46th) H. Kane (50th) J. Henderson (63rd) for ENGLAND
Warnings :

UKRAINE : H. BushchanI. Zabarnyi, S. Kryvtsov (V. Tsygankov, 35e), M. MatvienkoO. Karavaev, V. MykolenkoM. Shaparenko, O. ZinchenkoS. Sydorchuk (Y. Makarenko, 64e)A. Yarmolenko, R. Yaremchuk

ENGLAND : J. PickfordJ. Stones, H. MaguireK. Walker, L. Shaw (K. Trippier, 65e)K. Phillips (J. Bellingham, 65e), D. Rice (J. Henderson, 57e)M. MountJ. Sancho, R. Sterling (M. Rashford, 65e)H. Kane (D. Calvert-Lewin, 73e)

Kane opens the scoring (0-1, 4th)

Maguire makes the break for England (0-2, 46th)

Kane s’offre un doubl (0-3, 50e)

Henderson also participates in the party (0-4, 63rd)

Zinchenko’s sadness