July 31, 2021

15 years of imprisonment for Younès and Yanis El Habib

Adrien Pérez was killed on July 29, 2018 in Meylan. (DR)

Two men of 22 and 23 years old were sentenced this Friday by the Assize Court of Isère to 15 years of criminal imprisonment for having killed Adrien Perez, in an outburst of violence, on July 29, 2018, at the exit of a Meylan nightclub. A third accused received a two-year suspended prison sentence.

On the night of the tragedy, Adrien Perez came to celebrate his 26th birthday with friends at the “Le Phoenix” nightclub in Meylan. He was stabbed to death, one of which hit him in the heart, at the exit of this nightclub. Two brothers, Yanis and Younes El Habib, aged 22 and 23, were sentenced this Friday to 15 years of criminal imprisonment after ten days of trial, for acts of “assault and battery leading to death without intention of giving it. “. The two accused were initially prosecuted for “intentional homicide”.

Around 5:30 a.m. that night, Adrien Perez was walking out of the Phoenix with several friends. The small group was then attacked by three individuals, Yanis and Younes El Habib as well as Liam Djadouri. Everything then goes very quickly. The scene was filmed by CCTV and the chilling images were shown during the trial. Yanis El Habib kicking Thibault, one of the members of the group of friends with whom he had a dispute in the nightclub’s airlock. The victim finds himself on the ground and continues to receive violent blows. “The first that touches my brother, I cut him up”Younes blurted out. Yanis continues to kick Thibault.

“My name is Yanzo and I fucked you all”

Adrien Perez then decides to intervene to put an end to this beating in order and thus protect his friend. It is at this moment that he is savagely assaulted in turn by the two brothers. Stabbed several times, especially in the heart, the young man who had just turned 26 died. His friend Thibault meanwhile came close to death. Two other friends were injured. “My name is Yanzo and I fucked you all”Yanis shouted, raising his arms to the sky in front of the victims, before leaving the scene, says The Parisian.

The two main defendants, Yanis and Younes El Habib, insisted that they did not want to kill Adrien Perez. “I thought I was aiming for the legs, not the heart”, Younes said during the judgment. Investigators believe that his brother also had a knife but it is impossible to be sure about the video surveillance images which are of poor quality. A little earlier in the night, in the airlock of this discotheque, a dispute had taken place. Yanis El Habib hit on Charlotte who was part of the group of friends of the deceased. He asked for his number, which irritated Thibault. “He took me by the neck, strangled me, insulted me. I felt humiliated. I had hatred, anger ”, Yanis justified. “Today, the only feeling I have seeing this video is shame”, he then exposed, while he was questioned by the president of the court on this level of unbelievable violence.

A moment of “pure savagery”

“The biggest regret of my life is pulling out this knife. I really regret what happened. I understand that Adrien Perez’s family will never forgive me. I sincerely apologize. I should live with this all my life, I will think about it all my life “, formulated Younes El Habib in his box, notes France Blue. “Since the beginning of this unfortunate affair, I have been honest, sincere. I understand that people can not believe me. I will always regret having been the trigger of all this ”, added his brother.

“The lack of criminal record of Younes and Yanis El Habib” must not be forgotten “The carnage” for which the two defendants are being prosecuted, recalled the Advocate General. “You are probably not killers, but you are early morning criminals, second-hand criminals”, he told them, evoking a moment of “Pure savagery”, before asking for a sentence of 20 years of criminal imprisonment against the two men.

Yanis and Younes El Habib were sentenced to 15 years in prison. Their lawyers have announced that they will not appeal the ruling. The third accused, Liam Djadouri,who was prosecuted for aggravated violence against Josephine – another member of the group of friends – has meanwhile received a two-year suspended prison sentence. The Advocate General had required half as much. His lawyer, Me Ripert, plans to appeal. “He did not hit anyone, but as he was with the El Habib brothers, he was sentenced”, did he react to France Blue.

“The one who lost everything today is my son Adrien”

Sorrows that will not erase the pain of Adrien Perez’s family. “This verdict makes me neither hot nor cold”, sobbed the father of the young man who died, at the exit of the hearing. “The sentence will not change the pain that has been mine since July 29, 2018 and which will not leave me until the end of my days. I almost died with my pain ”. “The one who lost everything today is my son Adrien. He lost his life, he is no longer there. During this trial, I stood for him. I know he was with us ”, he assured.