August 6, 2021

Annalena Baerbock: “Nobody writes a book alone”

Germany Plagiarism allegations

“Nobody writes a book alone,” says Baerbock

“Baerbock warns of election campaigns like Trump – not very smart”

Résumé embellished, book copied together in places – Green top candidate Annalena Baerbock and her team seem unsavory. When criticized, they speak of election campaign conditions as with Trump. Not really smart – and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the best understanding of democracy.

The Greens continue to see a campaign behind the plagiarism allegations against Annalena Baerbock. FDP leader Lindner decides who will move into the Chancellery – and rejects a traffic light coalition.

GRünen Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock has called for more fairness in the federal election campaign after the plagiarism allegations against her. There are “forces of persistence that prevent change and want to cover up factual debates about the best ideas for our country,” Baerbock told the Funke newspapers (Saturday editions) and the French newspaper “Ouest-France”.

Baerbock said she found it important “that democratic parties discuss each other with respect and decency – especially about the big questions about the future.” The Green leader rejected the plagiarism allegations in connection with her new book “Jetzt. How we want to renew our country ”back again. “It’s not a doctoral thesis right now,” she emphasized.

The book focuses on the “big political questions”: “the climate crisis, the future of children and families, social cohesion”. Germany needs to renew itself in all of these areas. “These last weeks have shown that there are forces in our country who do not want this renewal,” said Baerbock.

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When asked whether she wrote her book herself, she told Funke Medien: “Yes, but as the saying goes: Nobody writes a book alone. Not only did many ideas flow in, I also thankfully received support. The basis were transcripts from long interviews that were conducted with me. “

Media scientist Stefan Weber had accused Baerbock of several literal takeovers in her new book. Weber spoke of copyright infringement. Recently, there were allegations that Baerbock had also copied from the party ranks Joschka Fischer and Jürgen Trittin.

Lindner: Green Chancellor “downright fictional scenario”

The Greens countered the criticism that the passages described were generally accessible facts or known Green positions. Baerbock sees himself as a victim of “fake news” about her person.

The chancellor candidate has been criticized for weeks. She had to subsequently report additional income to the Bundestag and correct her curriculum vitae published on the Internet. Currently, both Baerbock and her party are struggling with declining polls.

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FDP leader Christian Lindner considers the question of “black or green in the Chancellery” to be decided in favor of the CDU / CSU, as he told “Münchner Merkur”. Baerbock as Chancellor is an “almost fictional scenario”. It is “almost certain that the mandate to form a government will go to the Union,” said Lindner. The remaining question is “Black-Green or a coalition in which the FDP is involved”. He expects the Greens to have a good election result, “but the Union will have a large lead”.

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Regarding the possibility of a traffic light coalition with the Greens and the SPD after the election, Lindner said: “I don’t have the imagination how it should fit together.” He referred to his party’s opposing positions to the Greens on tax policy, education policy and the debt brake.