July 28, 2021

The penalty falls for Patrick Beverley!

Screenshots: Youtube

Guilty of a very bad gesture on Chris Paul, Patrick Beverley was still awaiting his sanction from the league. She just fell, and that’s what you’d expect.

Eliminated from these playoffs, the Clippers were logically disappointed. Injuries played a part in that final part, with a Kawhi Leonard unable to return in time to help his partners. We could see frustration in the last match, like Patrick Beverley.

Known for his temper on the court, rather than his prowess, the point guard stood out with a violent stroller behind Chris Paul’s back. An unacceptable gesture, and which earned him an ejection from the referees, unsurprisingly.

But given this stroke of blood, we were still waiting for a sanction from the NBA. Season over or not, Beverley could be punished by the league, and that was confirmed on Saturday. Shams Charania has just released the verdict, and there is talk of a suspension without pay for the Los Angeles pitbull.

Despite Beverley’s apologies, the NBA decided to punish with a game of suspension without pay for this unfair play. The sanction will take effect for the next fiscal year: the Clippers therefore already know that they will have to compose without their leader to start the next season. It’s damaging, especially for such a silly gesture.

Patrick Beverley was suspended from a match without pay for his unsportsmanlike act and his stroller on Chris Paul.

Patrick Beverley sanctioned for his gesture, it will not surprise anyone. The point guard crossed a line with that stroller on Chris Paul, and the NBA is not kidding, even though its season is over.