July 28, 2021

United States, shoots and kills his girlfriend, her two children and her grandmother. Police in shock: “A massacre”

Madness entered a house on Saturday night Missouri, in the Midwest of the United States. Richard Emery killed his girlfriend, her two children aged 8 and 10, and her grandmother. He took up a gun and fired on the entire family. A sequence of shots that have left no way out. Just before midnight a phone call comes to 911. There is a woman on the other end of the phone asking for help. St. Charles County Attorney Tim Lohmar explained that “the first call was probably made by the boys’ grandmother.”

While the lieutenant, Tom Wilkison, said “during that phone call, the 911 operator could hear the gunshots in the background and the desperate screams”. When the policemen arrived on the scene, there was nothing more to be done. The scene they faced was gruesome “a real slaughter,” the agents said. “Blood everywhere”. Zoe and Jonathan, aged just 8 and 10, and their grandmother, Jane Moeckel, were standing next to each other, almost wanting to protect each other. While the killer’s girlfriend was shot in the chest but was still alive, she died shortly after in the hospital. Investigators were examining the crime scene when they noticed a car pulling out of a driveway at full speed with Emery on board.

Not far away he was blocked by another police car that had arrived for reinforcement. At that point, more bullets flew between him and the police. But once again wounded he managed to escape. While on the run, he stabbed a woman to try to steal his car. But he was unable to get it to start and continued the race. After a seven-hour manhunt, police received a call “there is a man injured and covered in blood in a convenience store”. The physical description then matched that of the murderer and so on arriving at the scene they arrested him. Prosecutors filed 15 charges against Richard Emery, including first degree murder, assault and attempted robbery. “Each of the charges against Emery carries a possible sentence of 30 years in prison – said Attorney Lohmar – and the death penalty is an option provided for by Missouri law”. Richard was taken to hospital with two gunshot wounds, but authorities said “he will recover soon to pay for his crimes”. We do not know the reason for the gesture and perhaps we may never know.

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