August 4, 2021

Dembélé and Griezmann apologize for making fun of Asian staff in a hotel

The players of France and Barcelona were criticized in networks for a video in which they mock the staff in a hotel in Japan

Ousmane Dembélé and Antoine Griezmann apologized for their actions after a video, which was made, viral on social networks, in which they apparently mock Asian personnel by fixing a device.

The video, which was recorded by Dembélé, circulated on networks over the weekend and shows both players laughing at a group of technicians trying to repair something in a hotel room.

The content has been criticized on social networks and the players from France expressed themselves this Monday by apologizing for their behavior.

“Hello everyone, for the past few days, a private video dating from 2019 has been circulating on social media,” Dembélé wrote on Instagram.

“Everything happened in Japan, but it could have happened anywhere on the planet and I would have used the same expression, therefore it was not my intention to point to any community. I just use that type of expression with my friends regardless of their origins. This video was made public, I understand that I could hurt the people present in the images and for that reason I would like to sincerely apologize to them, “he explained.

On the other hand, his partner in Barcelona, ​​Griezmann, wrote about the video on Twitter; “I have always been completely against all forms of discrimination.”

“In the last few days, some people have wanted to pass me off as someone that I am not. I firmly reject the accusations made against me and am sorry if I offended any of my Japanese friends.”

There has been no confirmation from Barça, the Spanish Federation or the French on a possible sanction to the players.

Both were with the French team at Euro 2020. Dembélé’s participation was short due to injury, while Griezmann played until Didier Deschamps’s men were eliminated on penalties by Switzerland in the round of 16.