July 27, 2021

Lack of visibility may have been pivotal in Eduardo Cabrita’s car accident

The lack of visibility may have been a key factor in the accident with the car followed by Minister Eduardo Cabrita, on the A6, on June 18, fatally killing a worker who was maintaining the road.

The explanation is given to TSF by João Dias, professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of the University of Lisbon, an expert with two decades of experience in the assessment of road accidents.

João Dias admits that there is a lot to clarify, but from what he has already analyzed in the aerial images of the area, the lack of visibility may have been fundamental.

“The area has the particularity of being a curve in which the worker, if on the left lane, has limited visibility to the vehicle; just as the vehicle driver, if traveling on the left lane, has limited visibility for the worker because the car is turning to the left. In addition, there are bushes in the central divider. In other words, visibility was limited”, explains the expert.

The IST professor says that the clarifications so far advanced by the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) do not explain much about the accident, nor do they clarify two key points: the speed at which the vehicle was going, knowing that more speed means less visibility and less driver reaction time; nor whether the car was going into emergency gear or not.