July 28, 2021

Raffaella Carrá died | Italy | television | Farewell to a diva: Raffaella Carrá died at the age of 78 | SHOWS

Italian singer, actress and presenter Raffaella Carrà He died this Monday at the age of 78. Sergio Japino, his partner for many years, confirmed the news through a statement to the Italian agency Ansa, according to the newspaper El País of Spain. However, the details of the death were not given.

Raffaella He has left us. He has gone to a better world, where his humanity, his unmistakable laugh and his extraordinary talent will remain forever ”, declared Japino, quoted by the newspaper La Vanguardia.

SIGHT: Raffaella Carrà has died at the age of 78: These are the successes to always remember her | VIDEOS

The versatile artist, creator of Hot Hot O You have to come south He died at 4:20 pm today, after an illness that “for some time had attacked his small body, but full of energy,” said his partner.

1979. In the photo, Raffaella Carrà before the press. The singer came to Peru to record a musical special, in which she was interviewed by journalist Humberto Martínez Morosini. Photo: Historical Archive of El Comercio.

“She had an unstoppable force, which led her to the top of the world star system, an iron will that did not abandon her until the last minute, causing none of her suffering to leak out,” the aforementioned media reported.

In 2016, the presenter and singer fired the 73-year-old from the television world, made the announcement after saying that she had rejected an offer for a job on the small screen. “I have had a lot in life. Now is the time to give way to the new generations ”, he said. Carrá in an interview on Mediaset’s ‘Domenica Live’ program at the time.

Raffaella Carrà in a promotional photo that he shared with his followers on social networks.  Photo: Twitter.
Raffaella Carrà in a promotional photo that he shared with his followers on social networks. Photo: Twitter.


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