August 2, 2021

Sophie Marceau chest in the air at the Cannes Film Festival, she evokes this very “moving” accident

Sophie Marceau: The rise of the Cannes Film Festival is always an exceptional moment. Facing the Mediterranean, all the stars indeed climb the stairs on the famous red carpet in front of an audience of photographers. However, some actors, or some actresses have already experienced a real moment of solitude during this perilous exercise. Among these, Sophie Marceau also keeps a vivid memory, as pointed out by our colleagues from Purepeople. Objection come back to this story for you.

Sophie Marceau : that day when her dress falls, revealing all her femininity

An unmissable event

While the Cannes Film Festival usually takes place in May, for 2021 it’s different. Due to the pandemic, the big movie festival had to be postponed many times before the date was set for this month of July. In a few hours, the kickoff of this week devoted to cinema will be given. On the Croisette, onlookers will once again be able to attend a veritable parade of stars. Among these, Sophie Marceau will be there.

Indeed, the famous actress discovered in The party is eagerly awaited on July 7 at the foot of the steps of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. While she has already participated in the event as a guest or as a member of the jury, the 54-year-old actress will come this time as a competitor. Thus, Sophie Marceau will be present as part of the presentation of her film Everything went well, directed by François Ozon and adapted from Emmanuelle’s novel Bernheim. The feature film, which is scheduled for theatrical release on September 22, is indeed very lucky to come away with a prize. Obviously, this passage in the seaside city of the Côte d’Azur will undoubtedly remind him of another which had deeply marked the public. Objection explains everything in great detail.

Sophie Marceau: A moment of embarrassment

On July 7, Sophie Marceau is therefore preparing to climb the famous staircase to attend the screening of her film. Obviously, the opinion of the critics and the jury is eagerly awaited in order to know if this feature film will be part of the prize list. But it is also an opportunity to remember this incident that occurred in 2005 when the actress was present for the film Where The Trues lies. At the time, the pretty brunette actually accompanied the American producer Jim Lemley, the father of his daughter. Obviously, this arrival had aroused the joy of the spectators and all the interest of the photographers. They were very numerous to wait for Sophie Marceau in a dress of crazy elegance and dressed in sparkling jewelry lent for the occasion.

Source: Purepeople

While Sophie Marceau posed on the red carpet, an incident will however mark this event with a white stone. Indeed, when turning around in front of the press, the strap of the young woman’s dress slips to reveal her bust. Obviously, the scene will be photographed and filmed to create a real buzz. Many years later, Sophie Marceau today remembers the real madness that reigned around her at the time. Questioned by the JDD this July 4, 2021, the actress remembers! Objection invites you to discover this statement.

Sophie Marceau naked breast at the Cannes Film Festival, she evokes this very accident "moving"
Source: Purepeople

”It only lasted a quarter of second

At the mention of this rather embarrassing memory, Sophie Marceau is always surprised by the media conflagration that this accident has caused. “It was before the madness of social networks, however, it only lasted a quarter of a second, fortunately. It was an accident, that’s what makes it so moving. But it happens every day in the world ”. Indeed, the images of this little clothing problem will quickly go around the world; Sophie Marceau quickly finds herself on the front page of all magazines. Totally surprised by the scale of the reactions, the actress seems to want to minimize the seriousness of things.

Sophie Marceau naked breast at the Cannes Film Festival, she evokes this very accident "moving"

In any case, many will wait for the arrival of Sophie Marceau this year. A guest who is sure to take all these precautions! It would indeed be very surprising to find her facing the same problem almost fifteen years later. In the end, this anecdote has more the gift of making her smile than of truly destabilizing her. But this dress issue isn’t the only awkward moment Sophie Marceau had at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1999, she was to give the Palme d’Or to the brothers Dardenne for the film Rosetta and a speech had been prepared for the occasion. Unfortunately, the famous actress will experience a huge blackout!