July 28, 2021

Vieira called Varandas and was denied. Check the details

Victor Rodrigues


Midfielder is one step away from being a Benfica player for the next five years.

João Mário is one step away from being a Benfica player for the next five years, in a deal that includes anti-rival clauses in the middle and which has already motivated, you know, O JOGO, a telephone conversation between Luís Filipe Vieira and Frederico Varandas, which will not have ended with most desired form by the Benfica side.

After having concluded that the 28-year-old midfielder would not be a reinforcement of the lions for the new season due to the absence of an agreement with Inter Milan, the president of the red ones called his leonine counterpart a few days ago to inform him that Benfica was interested in hiring the player who was crowned champion by Sporting last season.

However, as we found out, the conversation will not have ended in the best shape and because of the anti-rival clause contained in the contract for the sale of João Mário by Sporting to Inter, in 2016, which the reds consider to be a mere option of preference.

If Luís Filipe Vieira trusted that the fact that in the last period he had not exercised his preferential right over Nuno Santos, then in Rio Ave, enabling his entry into the lions, he now expected the same attitude from Frederico Varandas. In fact, the leonine leader warned the president of the eagles that he continues to believe that the clause is valid, that Inter will have to indemnify Sporting in 30 million euros if João Mário signs for Benfica and warned that he will go to the last resort to defend the right that it considers legitimate.

Vieira still intends to hire the midfielder and have him on the squad before the 15th, when the group leaves for an internship in the Algarve.