July 31, 2021

all results by academy, already success rates

BAC 2021. Another good vintage! The results of the bac are (almost) all fallen and the lists of admitted accessible. Consult without waiting for the results of the 2021 bac and discover the important figures even before the catch-up exams.

13:55 – The academy of Rennes records the best success rate for the bac pro

According to the results communicated by the academies, still provisional, the success rate for the bac pro in the academy of Rennes is the highest with 89.33% of success since the data were adjusted in Grenoble with a success rate of 88.89%.

13:42 – What is the mention rate obtained in the 2021 bac in Grenoble?

In the Grenoble academy, the success rate is still 95.73%, which corresponds according to the figures available to 2448 high school graduates and among them some have obtained the precious diploma with a mention, they are 65.94%. For the moment, the 2021 vintage is doing better than the previous session where 62.93% of high school graduates had obtained a mention.

13:30 – The success rate for the professional bac in Bordeaux

The provisional success rate for the vocational baccalaureate in the Bordeaux Academy has been communicated and it is 83.29%. A figure well below the technological and general series which are 89.61 and 96.12%.

13:19 – What does the mention rate look like in the Montpellier academy?

In Montpellier, the results continue to arrive gradually, of the 8,400 new baccalaureate holders who have already seen their results, 62.37% have obtained the exam with a distinction. Once again, this is not a final rate, for that we have to wait for the publication of all the results.

13:10 – What is the success rate of the professional bac in Toulouse?

According to the results communicated by the Toulouse Academy for the 2021 edition, the success rate for the professional baccalaureate is 81.74%. A figure that is in the low average.

13:04 – What rate of mentions for the 2021 bac in the Caen academy?

Of the 10,382 baccalaureate candidates known from the Caen Academy, 65.94% obtained their diploma with a special mention. In the 2020 session, 62.93% had passed the baccalaureate with at least 12/20 average.

12:58 – Consultation of results prevented for candidates from Ile-de-France

The results of the candidates for the baccalaureate in the academies of Paris, Créteil and Versailles fell around 10 a.m., only the consultation of the results was prevented for several candidates due to dysfunction of the national education platform. The National Union of Secondary Education (SNES-FSU) did not hide its annoyance, “we are no longer even surprised” could be read on Twitter. “The communication of notes is made very complicated by many dysfunctions on Cyclades”, he explained.

12:52 – 78.1% success rate for the pro bac in Reunion Island

According to figures communicated by the academy of Reunion, the success rate for the vocational baccalaureate is 78.1%. A low average compared to other academies which are rather above 80%.

12:43 – The provisional mention rate exceeds 65% in Besançon

The results continue to fall in the Academy of Besançon, for the moment 3224 know that they have obtained the baccalaureate and among them 66.07% have even managed to obtain a mention. This is more than the rate recorded last year, but other results are still awaited and could change this figure.

12:35 – A low success rate for the professional bac in Mayotte

According to the results communicated by the Academy of Mayotte, the success rate for the vocational baccalaureate is 56.76%. A relatively low figure compared to the rest of France (average of 82.47%) even if the results are for the moment provisional.

12:22 – What rate of provisional mention in the Academy of Nice?

In the Academy of Nice, out of the 7674 candidates who have obtained their baccalaureate, 64.68% obtained their exam with a distinction. Last year they were 67.66% to have landed one, but the results of the 2021 session have not all fallen yet and the rate could rise further.

12:15 – What is the success rate for the professional bac in France?

According to still partial figures, the national average for the success rate of the vocational baccalaureate in France is 82.47%. Remember that for the techno baccalaureate this rate is 89.64% while it is 95.22% for the general baccalaureate.

12:07 – In Nancy-Metz, the results of the 2021 bac have just been unveiled

That’s it ! The first results of the bac for the Nancy-Metz academy are finally online on our website. Find out in detail (by name of candidate and by city) the result of the Nancy-Metz baccalaureate.

12:00 – The success rate for the professional bac in Poitiers

The success rate for the vocational baccalaureate in the Poitiers academy has fallen and it is 84.81% according to the results communicated for this 2021 edition.

The lists of those admitted to the 2021 bac are available in each academy. If the search engine does not suit you and you prefer maps, we have thought of you: click on the academy of your choice to instantly access the results of the bac in said academy.

Remember that this year, the results of the bac were calculated on a very large basis of continuous assessment (more than 80% of the final mark) with adjustments both for the philosophy test and for the grand oral test. . The lists of admitted candidates are posted on our site with the agreement of each candidate, but no mark is revealed, the results subject by subject remain confidential. While it is practical and very useful to consult the results of the 2021 bac on the Internet user, do not forget that it is imperative to go to his examination center to get the baccalaureate diploma, necessary to register. effectively in post-baccalaureate training.