July 24, 2021

At the Troadec trial, the life imprisonment required against Hubert Caouissin for the quadruple murder

After two weeks of a trial that came to shed light on the springs of Hubert Caouissin’s murderous madness, the requisitions fell on Tuesday, July 6, in the Troadec affair. Before the Loire-Atlantique assizes, life imprisonment was required against Hubert Caouissin, 50, for the quadruple murder of the Troadec family, in February 2017, in Orvault, near Nantes.

“Mr. Caouissin is behind the death of four people in a terrible bloodbath. (…) He is too dangerous, there is no question of him going out ”, launched the lawyer general Charlotte Gazzera, who requested life imprisonment, with a security sentence of twenty-two years. The verdict is expected Wednesday.

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The accused, a former worker at the Brest arsenal, is on trial for the murder of Brigitte and Pascal Troadec (49 years old) and their children Charlotte (18 years old) and Sébastien (21 years old) with hind kicks, in their home in Orvault, near Nantes, on the night of February 16 to 17, 2017.

“Paranoid delirium”

Mr. Caouissin has repeated on several occasions that he was assaulted by his in-laws when he entered their pavilion at night and had to kill them in order to defend himself. “The scene he described makes no sense”, sliced ​​Mme Gazzera. “You are going to have to ask yourself whether, four against one, we can get out of it unscathed, without any scratches”, she told the jurors, vilifying the “Rantings” by M. Caouissin.

The magistrate also asked the jurors not to take into account the “Paranoid delirium” from which Mr. Caouissin suffers and which would be likely to allow him to benefit from a mitigation of sentence.

The maximum penalty, three years in prison, was also required against the former companion of Mr. Caouissin, Lydie Troadec, 52, tried for altering a crime scene and concealing corpses. “It would deserve a much higher sentence”, said Advocate General Stéphane Cantero, who mocked the role of “Submissive nunuche (…) to mom and her companion “ what would the accused play to escape too heavy a sentence? He described a couple “United in the hatred of the rival couple”, “In hatred of the well-to-do Nantes”.

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