July 24, 2021

Descriptive Geometry Examination ″easier than 2020″

Ministry of Education made available an extra half hour of tolerance in the Descriptive Geometry exam, due to a mistake in the enunciation of one of the exercises, which could mislead students.

A problem in the enunciation of one of the exercises of the national exam in Descriptive Geometry A, which took place this Monday afternoon, led, as a precaution, the Ministry of Education made available to students an additional period of 30 minutes, in addition to the regular time , for completion of the test. The situation was only detected when, throughout the country, thousands of students – there were 6769 registered – had started to pass the exam. The Institute for Educational Assessment (IAVE) guarantees that the problem had no implications for the resolution of the item in question.

Alice Alves, aged 17, left the gates of Escola Secundária Dr.Mário Sacramento alone and confident. It was the only one from that educational establishment to complete the test during regular time. And he hopes he won’t earn less than 19 values, which will be precious to him when he uses the exam as a proof of admission to apply to the university, next year, in Design.

“It went well for me. They thought that the problem in the statement could have affected someone, but it didn’t affect me. It was about intersections of straight line with solid, which is a new subject, which never came out in the exam”, explained the student, from the 11th year. “I found the degree of difficulty similar to the exams in other years,” said Alice Alves.

Íris Andrade, 16, and Ana Luísa Rocha, 17, also did not feel affected by the problem of the statement that had been written in an unclear way. Even so, Iris assumed that the 30 minutes of tolerance had helped her, as she lost “a lot of time in the second exercise”. Expect to see “maybe a 19” on the agenda. Ana Luísa, in turn, said that what went “worst was actually what was easier”. “It was the first subject we gave, to make a rectangle on an oblique plane, and it didn’t go well”, lamented the student, who does not need the exam as entrance exam, but is counting on taking 14 points. However, the two friends have one certainty: “it was easier than the 2020 exam”.

To JN, IAVE clarified that “in item 3″, in the description of geometric elements, reference is made to an oblique line” and that “the term “oblique” is unnecessary for the resolution requested in the item”. When was the situation detected, all schools were contacted immediately and clarification was provided to students.