August 3, 2021

Goucha chairs Suzana Garcia’s honor committee, Rio fails to present the candidacy

Television presenter Manuel Luís Goucha will chair the honor committee for Suzana Garcia’s candidacy for the Amadora city council. The candidacy, supported by the PSD and the CDS, will be publicly presented this Wednesday, the 7th, in the Parque Central da Amadora and will feature a campaign anthem produced by Dj Mastiksoul.

In a statement sent to the newsrooms, the candidacy also informs that the president of the CDS, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, will be present at the event, as well as the president of the MPT, Pedro Soares Pimenta, which is also part of the coalition. On the PSD side, which heads the coalition and chose former TVI commentator Suzana Garcia as a candidate for that municipality, will be David Justino, vice president. Rui Rio will not be present.

The choice of Suzana Garcia as the PSD candidate for Amadora was controversial, largely because of the controversial opinions of the then-criminal commentator on the program ‘Você na TV’, who were seen as closer to a party like Chega than to PSD. The choice was made by the local and district structures of the party and was later approved by the national, which said publicly that the candidate’s positions did not violate the values ​​of social democracy advocated by the PSD. José Silvano, secretary general and municipal coordinator, even argued that the candidate was suitable for a candidacy for this municipality, but it could not be if it were a candidacy for deputy to the Assembly of the Republic.

Among his most controversial positions was, for example, the defense of chemical castration of pedophiles. Rui Rio says, however, that it is necessary to distance what a commentator on crime says in a television context, and what a local candidate will say in the context of an electoral campaign. It is necessary to separate the waters, he said. As a PSD candidate for Amadora, in an interview precisely with Manuel Luís Goucha, Suzana Garcia argued that “BE should be exterminated”, which also generated controversy.

The candidacy will be formalized this Wednesday, when not only the composition of the honor commission, chaired by Manuel Luís Goucha, will be revealed, but also the candidates for the presidency of the Municipal Association of Amadora and the parish councils will be revealed .