August 1, 2021

In a week, Microsoft’s app store improved a lot

In the presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft went much further and also revealed the remodeling of its app store. This is not just an aesthetic change and also has some new assets.

Now that it’s only been accessible for a week, the store has achieved more than it has in the last 6 years. There are new and important applications ready to be used by Windows 11 users, which shows a unique adhesion by great developers.

Windows 11 promises to change and reinvent the underlying ecosystem of Microsoft and its users. It will renew a wide range of elements and features, which are not limited to having an aesthetic and visual change.

One of the elements that received the most attention was the Microsoft app store. This will take a new place in Windows 11, with win32 apps and even a unique new feature. This is where the Android apps that the system will be able to access will be found.

Windows 11 Microsoft applications store

Now that the first build of Windows 11 is on the road, the store has been made available to developers, albeit to a limited extent. The truth is, it couldn't be a better scenario for everyone. The number of new apps grew, especially Win32.

In just a few days we saw offers like OBS, Zoom, WinRAR, Canva and even Adobe Acrobat Reader arriving. The abandonment of WMP and the focus on Windows Package Manager came to prove that opening up to win32 apps could have been a sure bet.

Windows 11 Microsoft applications store

We still have to hope that access to the Android apps that Microsoft promised to bring to Windows 11 will be open to all. These will run natively, without depending on any smartphone or other equipment. The system will handle all the emulation, automatically.

The coming times promise to bring many new features to this Microsoft application store. Adaptation is promised for Windows 11, but it might be logical to extend it to Windows 10, creating a broader ecosystem.