July 26, 2021

Mallorca: Delta is expanding, incidence is increasing – holidays in danger?


Corona numbers on Mallorca are increasing – holidays in danger?

Corona: Mallorca is struggling with high numbers of infections

Corona: Mallorca is struggling with high numbers of infections

Spain meets the fifth corona wave. This means that tourism for the popular holiday island of Mallorca is also on the brink. The island is struggling with rapidly increasing numbers of infections.

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The number of infections is exploding in Mallorca. The delta variant is spreading. Vacationers wonder what will become of their trips.


  • Mallorca is struggling with increasing numbers after a major corona outbreak
  • This is not only due to the delta variant, but also to the behavior of some young people who are held responsible for the corona outbreak on the island
  • Is the Mallorca vacation in danger now? Foreign Minister Heiko Maas gives the all-clear for German vacationers for the time being

The corona numbers continue to rise in Malorca. The seven-day incidence is now over 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Island Prime Minister Francina Armengol is therefore angry: “If someone intends to come to Mallorca to behave badly, then he should stay at home right away.” Armengol’s anger goes to those young tourists who join their party excesses in June contributed to the fact that Mallorca is currently experiencing a violent corona relapse. A crash that was fueled by uncontrolled fiestas and the Delta variant. And which could endanger the tourist summer season on the popular holiday island. Does the holiday in Mallorca fall into the water?

Mallorca vacation in danger?

This scenario is a nightmare for Hundreds of thousands of European vacationerswho actually want to spend their holidays in Mallorca in July or August. The situation was stable for months and the number of new infections was extremely low.

But just now, at the beginning of the high season, the number of infections is exploding. “A catastrophe,” says the hotel industry, which is trembling that Corona could ruin the second summer in a row. The economic consequences for tourism could be “dramatic”, warns Simón Pedro Barceló, head of the Mallorcan hotel group Barceló.

Mallorca: Delta variant is spreading

“The number of cases is rising staggeringly”, headlines the newspaper “Diario de Mallorca”. According to the latest available data, the weekly incidence on the Balearic island has more than quadrupled within a short period of time. Last was the official one Seven-day incidence already over 100 – and the trend is rising. From the limit of 50, for example, Germany, Mallorca’s most important travel market, can declare a region a risk area. In Germany itself, the comparative value is currently around five.

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According to Javier Arranz, Corona spokesman for the island government, the highly contagious Delta variant is already responsible for at least 28 percent of all infections on Mallorca – this value is also rising rapidly. In other Spanish holiday areas, such as Catalonia, the delta share is now estimated at 50 percent.

That is why there is growing fear that the situation in Spain, the most popular holiday destination for Germans, could get out of hand again: the dream island of Mallorca and other Spanish holiday areas will soon also be recognized by the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Virus Variant Area classified? How did this happen before with Portugal, where Delta is already the predominant virus type?

Portugal returnees therefore had to be in compulsory quarantine in Germany – even if they were vaccinated and had a negative test. Tens of thousands of vacationers canceled their holidays in Portugal as a result. “A big blow” for the Portuguese travel industry, says Joao Fernandes from the tourist office on the Algarve holiday coast. The fact that the RKI will downgrade Portugal to a high incidence area from Wednesday on speaks against this step. This means that there is no quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated people. Read here: New hope for Portugal vacationers.

Alltours boss: Mallorca is “on the edge of the abyss”

Nevertheless, Willi Verhuven, head of the tour operator Alltours, warns that Mallorca should be classified as a virus variant area. “If that happens to Mallorca as well, the 2021 summer season is over and we have to close the hotels,” he said. Verhuven sees the island again “on the edge of the abyss”. He demands Ban on drinking tourism, strict controls and severe penalties. Mallorca’s curfew, which currently only starts at 2 a.m., should, in Verhuven’s opinion, be brought forward to 11 p.m.

Similar to Mallorca, Portugal advertised with very low infection rates in the spring and was looking forward to a new start in tourism. This dream has burst: The two most-visited holiday strongholds, Lisbon and the Algarve, became high-risk areas again overnight: The Algarve now has a 7-day incidence of 284 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the value for Lisbon is 269 there again a night curfew.

The situation in Mallorca threatens to escalate

It cannot be ruled out that the situation in Mallorca will escalate in a similar way. Thousands of Spanish students came to Mallorca’s Playa de Palma in June to celebrate their graduation. At least 1,800 of them then traveled home with a corona infection. A youth group from Luxembourg who was on Mallorca also became infected. A disaster for the image of the Mediterranean paradise, which advertises to be a “safe holiday destination”.

Mallorca is not the only corona hotspot in Spain. In the northern Spanish holiday region Catalonia It looks even worse with the Costa Brava and the Mediterranean metropolis of Barcelona. There the seven-day incidence jumped to 233 cases per 100,000 inhabitants – for this reason, Catalonia has just been declared a risk area again by Germany; Andalusia in southern Spain with the Costa del Sol holiday coast has been a risk area for a long time, according to the RKI. On the Canary Island Tenerife the incidence value is already 132, in the neighboring beach paradise Fuerteventura 98. The nationwide incidence in Spain is now over 100.

All of Spain reports worrying corona numbers

Around 12,000 new cases of infection are currently reported across Spain every day. Worrying numbers to the high rates of infection remember previous virus waves. For Spain, by the way, it is already the fifth corona wave that is now rolling over the kingdom. The country has always been one of the European hotspots in the past.

As reported by “Bild”, the increasing numbers of infections in Mallorca and Spain are causing displeasure among the CDU. The Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl complained at the party’s presidium meeting on Monday that the stadiums were full, the Ballermann was open and planes were full to the last seat. “From the point of view of infection, the Ballermann is insane,” said Strobl accordingly.

FDP criticizes CDU politicians

The newspaper fears that the government could upgrade Mallorca to a virus varient area. Quarantine would therefore also be mandatory again for people who have been vaccinated twice. That causes criticism in the ranks of the FDP. “Because nobody knows what the real goal of the federal government in the fight against corona is, apparently every Union politician meanwhile thinks that he can demand restrictions on fundamental rights without further justification,” said FDP politician Wolfgang Kubicki to “Bild”.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas does not currently consider the corona situation in Spain to be worrying despite the increasing number of infections. “There are no indications of developments that would lead us to fear that we would have to make decisions again in the foreseeable future that would mean that German tourists would no longer be able to vacation in Spain,” said Maas on Monday during a visit to the capital, Madrid. There is still reason for caution. But he currently does not assume that a reintroduction of the quarantine obligation for returning Spain vacationers is imminent.

The only consolation in Spain is that most cases of infection are much easier than before. Undoubtedly a success of the corona vaccinations, which is also making good progress in Spain. Almost 40 percent of the population now has complete vaccination protection. Nevertheless, there are still 2,400 Covid patients in the hospital, around 600 of them in the intensive care unit. The number of admissions to the hospital is now also increasing again.

This development shows that Corona is far from under control, warns Spain’s umbrella association for virologists. The euphoria of the Spanish government, which has already announced the victory over the epidemic and therefore recently the Mask compulsory outdoors eliminated, was probably a bit premature.