July 25, 2021

Schlüchtern: Police save dog from car, then a tragic find follows

On Friday, the police in Schlüchtern (Hessen) freed a dog trapped in a car. The search for its holder ended tragically.

Schluechtern – What began as an everyday animal rescue ended in a tragic discovery that now raises many question marks. On Friday afternoon, police officers discovered the Hessian Schlüchtern after rescuing a dog from one Auto the corpse of its keeper. Now the investigators are hoping for useful information from the population.

The police rescued the male shepherd dog from the locked car, and a little later found the owner of the animal lying dead in a residential building. (Symbol photo) © Montage: 123RF / andreypopov, 123RF / keleny

As a spokesman for the south-east Hessian police headquarters announced, witnesses had initially reported a dark Renault Clio with MKK registration and the digits “666” parked on the street at the train station in Steinau.

In the car, which according to the attentive passers-by had been standing in the parking lot for a long time, an exhausted dog was also locked up. How long exactly the animal had to remain in the vehicle could not initially be found out.

In response to the concern that the animal might be in poor health, a patrol was immediately dispatched to free the four-legged friend from its four-wheeled prison as quickly as possible. After the male German Shepherd, who was only a few months old, had been handed over to veterinary care, it was time to find the owner of the fur nose.

Murder of environmental activist: ex-boss found guilty!
Murder of environmental activist: ex-boss found guilty!

Then came the shock: In a single-family house in Schlüchtern, where the owner of the dog was suspected, the officers discovered the body of a woman. According to image information, it has not yet been possible to clearly determine who is dead.

The body of the woman, who is said to have died around June 21st, was too decomposed. A married couple who live in the single-family home in Schlüchtern are suspected of having committed a crime. They are currently being searched for at full speed.

The Hanau public prosecutor’s office and the criminal police in Gelnhausen are now assuming a murder and are hoping for evidence from witnesses – especially from people who can provide information about the driver or drivers who drove the Clio to Steinau train station in the past two and a half weeks.

Information can be sent to the Kripo in Gelnhausen by calling 06051/8270.

The woman’s body found on Friday in a single-family house in Schlüchtern is the resident of the house. Investigations also revealed that the 70-year-old is the wife of a man who, under unexplained circumstances, was run over by a passing express train around two weeks ago in the Steinau train station (both in the Main-Kinzig district). A spokeswoman for the Hanau public prosecutor said on Tuesday whether and how the two deaths are related is currently being determined. The “Fuldaer Zeitung” had previously reported on the possible connection.

The house is around ten kilometers from the train station. There, on June 21, an initially unknown man was caught and killed by an ICE traveling to Frankfurt. The body wasn’t discovered until minutes after the incident.

Whether the man threw himself in front of the train, was pushed by a stranger – or whether it was an accident, was initially unclear.