August 6, 2021

Truck accident at Lohne: A1 fully closed until this evening | – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

Status: 07.07.2021 00:06

The repair of the roadway after the truck accident on Monday is taking longer than initially thought. The A1 in the Vechta district will be closed in both directions until this evening.

From 1 a.m. onwards, the A1 between Lohne / Dinklage and Holdorf is to be fully closed in both directions. According to the responsible motorway company, it will be available again in two lanes in the direction of Bremen from 6 p.m. at the earliest – in the direction of Osnabrück it will probably not be available until 10 p.m. The diesel that leaked in the accident on Monday damaged the road surface so badly that it has to be removed and replaced over a length of 500 meters. At the scene of the accident there is a construction site that must first be dismantled for the repair work on the roadway and later set up again.

Congested alternative routes, congested towns

The alternative routes were already completely overloaded on Tuesday. “The cars are literally coming from all sides,” said Dinklage’s city spokesman for NDR Lower Saxony on Tuesday afternoon. It looks similar in Holdorf. Both places are directly on the A1. There the semitrailer had gone off the road on Monday afternoon, hit the guardrail and the tank was torn open: 500 liters of diesel were distributed on the motorway. The driver of the semitrailer was uninjured in the accident.

Several serious accidents since mid-June

Serious accidents have increased on the A1 between Lohne and Holdorf in recent weeks – two people died, there were several seriously injured. On the accident-prone section, the roadway is narrowed due to construction work. The security precautions have already been adjusted.

additional Information

Because of a series of accidents, the federal government wants to bring forward the speed limit and overtaking ban on the A1 in the Vechta district. (07/02/21) more

A traffic jam on the highway.

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