July 31, 2021

The hitmen who took off their hoods the growing challenge to the Mexican State | Univision Drug Trafficking News

“Delta” reads the patch attached to the bulletproof vest worn by a man with a defiant look. Look straight into the camera lens and wield a high powered rifle. The image shows other alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) what did they decided show his face and leave anonymity, an unprecedented fact ever since Mexico engaged in a terrible war against drug trafficking.

It is one of the photographs that the Cuartoscuro agency published between July 1 and 4 with a worrying caption, which ensures that the gunmen of said criminal organization they had taken the municipality of Aguililla, Michoacán, homeland of its leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias ‘El Mencho’.

The men posed with sniper rifles, automatic rifles, ammunition, homemade armored vehicles and a drone. Several had the initials ‘CNJG’ attached to their vests. A few days ago, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) classified Jalisco as the “best armed in Mexico” poster.

Although there is no evidence that this criminal group has taken Aguililla, his city council stated on its page of Facebook in April that “unfortunately we have not been given the required attention” to the federal and state governments. The authorities of that municipality did not respond to messages from Univision Noticias requesting a statement on the problem in that town.

“It is a total challenge to the Mexican State. They no longer need to put on their hoods, ”warns Fred Álvarez, a security expert from Mexico, in an interview with Univision Noticias in which he referred to the fact that some members of the CJNG stopped covering their faces.

“This takes up what President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the Army does not participate in operations (to stop them) because there is a dialogue table. It is unfortunate, even pathetic, “he claimed.

A similar opinion has Hippolyte Mora, who was the leader of the self-defense groups that a decade ago confronted the hitmen of the La Familia Michoacana cartel, which ended up collaborating with the CJNG. “They do it because we don’t have a government, because there is no one to fight them. They have been left free to do whatever they want. They have no one to watch out for, who goes for them. Not only those of the Jalisco Cartel, all the other cartels, that is the sad reality that we live in Mexico, ”he told this medium.

The gunmen of ‘El Mencho’ have already recorded themselves on other occasions to show the police and military forces that they are not afraid of them at all: they walked through the streets of Aguililla towing two tanks spells that they supposedly took from their enemies, ‘Los Viagras’.

In another video that went viral on social networks, as many as 75 men shouted “Pure people of Mr. ‘Mencho’!” next to 19 armored vehicles, including ‘monster trucks’, somewhere in Mexico. They all wore black hoods. The DEA verified its authenticity and considered it a sign that the Jalisco Cartel was “full of power” and not fractured, as it came to be thought.

The 13 alleged members of the CJNG who did a recording at the beginning of the year to demand that Baja California police officers respect alleged deals with them and stop working with operators of the Sinaloa Cartel. One of them read a statement that, according to him, signed ‘El Mencho’: “Do your job well and comply with the agreements … Stop receiving money from the Sinaloa Cartel … We are going to start hitting you … if not line up ”.

“We are worse than before”

Aguililla, the town that would be under the control of the Jalisco Cartel, has become a central point in López Obrador’s questioned security strategy. “When are you going to Aguililla, Mr. President?” They questioned him this Tuesday in his traditional morning lecture. “I do not go because I do not want to make the fat broth to the tabloid press and our adversaries … I am pending, I am attentive, we are acting, but then I am not sucking my finger,” he replied.

This Monday, Jorge Ramos, An anchor for the Univision Noticias newscasts, he went to the National Palace to ask the president if he believed his ‘hugs not bullets’ initiative was a “real failure” since there were more than 86,000 homicides in the first 30 months of his government. If that trend continued, Ramos said, his six-year term would close as the most violent in history.

Jorge Ramos shows AMLO death figures for his government and he replies that they are “wrong”

“We have made progress, now I do have other data … We have difficulty reducing the crime of homicide as we would like, but we have managed to contain the growth that was brought in homicides, even if there is a decrease, if you want marginal, of 3%”, López Obrador answered.

Hipólito Mora, the former leader of armed civilians in Michoacán, affirms that in Mexico “we are worse than before” and attributes it to the failed actions of the president. “There is no one who does something for the citizens. The posters make caravans with monster trucks; the authorities know well who they are and are not going after them ”, he assured.

This 65-year-old man wore a hood for only one day, on February 24, 2013, when he took up arms to drive the cartels out of his state. The next day his face was uncovered and years later he abandoned the movement. He was recently a candidate for governor of Michoacán for the Social Encounter Party (PES) and lost in the elections, which were held in early June.

He claims that the drug trafficker was involved in the elections in his state. “Candidates were raised (kidnapped) by organized crime; Others were murdered or threatened to demand that they work with them, but some were afraid and did not report, ”said Mora.

The outgoing governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles, denounced for his part that the MORENA party, of López Obrador, he had won the elections in his state with the help of the narco.

The official took alleged evidence of his allegations to the National Palace last week, but it was not received.

The president explained that he did not attend to him because they were “accusations of an electoral political dye.”