August 4, 2021

Corona peaks at Ikea! It was faster than building shelves – BZ Berlin

Berlin’s first drive-in for corona vaccinations opened on Saturday in the Ikea parking lot on Landsberger Allee. The rush was so great that it had to be closed again in the afternoon.

By O. Wagner, L. Rossow and B. Trautwein

“Berlin vaccinated and Berlin vaccinated creatively!” Declared Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (54, SPD) at the opening at noon. In order to win more people for the vaccination, it is now very important to be able to make a vaccination offer to all Berliners in an uncomplicated way, explained Kalayci.

Without registering and booking an appointment, the drive-in vaccination center now picks. The interest in such spontaneous vaccinations is huge! Even before the vaccination tent opened at 12 noon, there was a long queue.

Around 2000 cans (Moderna / Johnson & Johnson) are now supposed to be inoculated in the Ikea parking lot every day. Of course, motorization is not a requirement. In addition to the car lane, a waiting area for pedestrians has also been set up (walk-in).

“Use the coming weeks as well. Please get vaccinated. Anyone who wants to get a vaccination against the corona virus will also get one! ”Promises Kalayci.

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Due to the high demand, the drive-in and walk-in had to close again after just four hours on the opening day. Only the drive-in will be open on Sundays. From Monday, the walk-in should also offer vaccinations again.

The vaccination without registration is initially available for six weeks from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Wito von Kuijeren (49) from Lichtenberg

Photo: Olaf Wagner

“It’s great that you can be vaccinated so spontaneously here. I am self-employed and therefore have to remain very flexible at all times. Unfortunately, I have already had to cancel my vaccination appointments with my family doctor twice. “

Kathrin Müller (40) from Weißensee

Kathrin Müller (40) from Weißensee (Photo: Olaf Wagner)
Photo: Olaf Wagner

“Since I still want to go on vacation during the holidays, I queued my car at 10 am. Such ideas should be implemented much more often. “

Mandy Schneider (48), physiotherapist from Köpenick

“To date, I have not been given a vaccination offer. That’s why I got in line here and had to wait three hours. But I want to protect myself and my patients as best I can. “

Mandy Schneider (48), physiotherapist from Köpenick (Photo: Olaf Wagner)
Photo: Olaf Wagner

René (46, left), craftsman from Lichtenberg

“I want to wait and see how everything develops and I don’t trust the vaccine yet. There is so little experience of long-term effects that scares me off. “

Rene (46) and Sorin (53) from Köpenick (Photo: Olaf Selchow)
Photo: Olaf Selchow

Sorin B. (53) painter from Neukölln

“I belong to the risk group myself, but I don’t want to be vaccinated. I had a stroke, my doctor called me back in March, he had an appointment for me. But when I was there, I didn’t want to. I think there is still too little experience with the vaccine, especially if you are not completely healthy. I am therefore against compulsory vaccination. But I keep arguing with my foreman, he’s vaccinated. “

Torsten Noack (51), plumber from Frohnau

Torsten Noack (51), plumber from Frohnau (Photo: Olaf Wagner)
Photo: Olaf Wagner

“I think the idea is great. It was only during the implementation that more staff should have been employed. Then the waiting times would not be so long. I am happy that I will soon be able to go on holiday well protected. “

Martin (35), employee in a haulage company from Köpenick

Martin (35) from Köpenick (Photo: Olaf Selchow)
Photo: Olaf Selchow

“I already had Corona. Shortly before Christmas last year, a colleague infected me. I couldn’t taste or smell anything anymore, otherwise it wasn’t that bad. But I was still on the probationary period, so I lost my job. At the moment I’m still immune and don’t need to be vaccinated. After that, I won’t do it either. The remedy is too new for me, I’m just skeptical about it. But you still have to take the virus seriously, I think. “

Sarah B. * (36, name changed) from Königs Wusterhauen

Sarah B. * (36, name changed) from Königs Wusterhauen (Photo: Olaf Selchow)
Photo: Olaf Selchow

“Corona is just flu for me and I’m afraid that at some point you will have to be vaccinated because otherwise you will no longer be allowed to go to work. Or that my two children are no longer allowed to go to school. Otherwise I’m vaccinated against everything, but the corona vaccine is too new for me. I will therefore definitely not get vaccinated, read about too many side effects. And what is in the newspapers and on TV, I consider pure scare tactics. “