July 26, 2021

America does not register Renato Ibarra or Nicolás Castillo for the 2021 Apertura

America is a few hours away from its debut in the Mexican tournament and has already decided not to have the two South American players

Renato Ibarra and ni Nicolás Castillo they were not registered by America for the tournament Opening 2021, where they will debut this Thursday when they visit Querétaro at the Corregidora Stadium at the start of Day 1.

With 24 items registered on the official website of the MX League, it will be like Santiago Solari will face the challenge of the new semester. Who they did register went to Nicolas Benedetti, a situation that was in doubt due to the low level of the Colombian player.

Renato was not taken into account even though it has a current contract with the Eagles, a team to which this tournament returned after being on loan with the Atlas. While, Castillo It was also not registered despite being one hundred percent recovered from post-operative affectations after an injury in 2019.

Both players, along with Benedetti, They were doubtful to be on the Coapa squad this semester, however, the board of directors and the coaching staff headed by Solar they decided only to register the coffee grower.

For the front, there were only three elements with registration, which are Roger Martínez, Henry Martín and Federico Viñas.

On the other hand, Sebastian Cordova the number 10 already shines, a situation that stands out, since from Cuauhtémoc White there was no blue-cream youth squad that officially wore this number.

Reinforcements Miguel Layún, Fernando Madrigal and Salvador Reyes They were registered for this tournament and they already wore the cream-blue colors officially.

In the end, these are the 24 items recorded by America:


Guillermo Ochoa

Oscar Jimenez


Luis Fuentes

Jorge Sanchez

Bruno Valdez

Emanuel Aguilera

Sebastian Cáceres

Jordan Silva

Miguel Layún

Adrián Goransch


Pedro Aquino

Fernando Madrigal

Leonardo Suarez

Alvaro Fidalgo

Sebastian Cordova

Nicolas Benedetti

Richard Sanchez

Antonio Lopez

Salvador Reyes

Mauro Lainez

Santiago Naveda


Roger Martinez

Henry Martin

Federico Viñas