July 25, 2021

What the investigators know so far


July 21, 2021 – 9:42 pm Clock

In the video: Old Nazi bunker is abandoned in the forest near Oranienburg

The place where the body of Bianca S. (26) was found is off the forest path and is overgrown with undergrowth: An old, partially collapsed bunker from the Nazi era near Oranienburg north of Berlin. “The finding situation and the injuries to the woman suggest that it is a homicide,” says police spokeswoman Dörte Röhrs in the RTL interview. But who killed the mother of a five year old boy?

The family reported Bianca S. missing: She was considered reliable

The investigators do not yet have much secure information: The search for clues in and around the bunker is still ongoing and investigators are questioning relatives and friends of the 26-year-old to find out more about the dead woman. According to investigators, Bianca S. disappeared on Thursday (July 15). “She was described as very reliable, so it seemed strange to family and friends that she stayed away for so long,” explains the police spokeswoman.

Most recently, Bianca S. was apparently seen at the Oranienburg train station (Brandenburg). She was on the bike. Then their trail is lost. With 14 search dogs, the police said they had searched for the woman on Saturday in response to a family member’s missing person report, also very close to the facility on Grabowsee, where the young woman is said to have stayed more often – to no avail.

Woman’s corpse found near Oranienburg: those killed identified as young mother Bianca S.

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Police find the dead man’s bike very close to the bunker

As RTL found out, it was “Lost Places visitors” who discovered Bianca’s lifeless body late on Monday evening and then reportedly alerted the police. “Witnesses looked into the bunker and found the victim,” said police spokeswoman Dörte Röhrs.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, investigators found Bianca’s bike on Wednesday about 50 to 100 meters from the location of the body in the forest. Did the perpetrator intercept you there? The police still have to clarify whether the 26-year-old was also killed in the bunker or whether the perpetrator only hid her body there. “We have no direct evidence of another crime scene,” said agency spokesman Torsten Sauermann. It is possible that the woman was killed in or near the bunker facility, which is overgrown with plant tendrils in the wooded area a bit away from the forest path.

Police urgently ask for evidence of witnesses: Who saw something?

It is still completely unclear who killed Bianca S. Or why her body was in such a mysterious place. “To what extent the perpetrator had a motivation for the bunker itself, we cannot yet say,” said Röhrs. It is also not yet possible to say with certainty whether it is a sexual offense. The investigators now hope that an autopsy of the corpse will provide further clues.

The police asked witnesses who saw the 26-year-old after her disappearance, and walkers who noticed peculiarities near the bunker, to report to the Oranienburg police station or any other police station. (dpa / jgr)