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Scarlett Johansson in a scene from Black Widow.

What creative possibilities did it offer you Black Widow when comparing it to the other movies you’ve directed?
The most beautiful possibility is that we shot around the world – in Morocco, Norway, the UK, Hungary, the US – so the film has an incredible international vibe. The other thing he offered me was the possibility of putting on a show, I was able to create worlds. I loved filming some of the action sequences because you have six or seven minutes on screen where you are trying to make the audience feel something, without resorting to dialogue. I was able to create long, beautiful sequences that are full of surprises and beauty, and that was incredibly fun and very addictive. I want to do it again and again.

Have you ever imagined yourself filming this kind of movie and scenes?
Absolutely. I come from a low-budget art film tradition and when Marvel came to me, I thought, ‘This is crazy, why are you asking me to do this?’ But what I understood from working with them is that everything is centered on the character and the order of the story. So when they saw my movies, they discovered the connection that I didn’t see at the time.

In your previous films you have addressed sexuality, power and imperfection. In a way, did you also explore these themes through the character of Natasha Romanoff?
Of course, because she is a woman and we always see her within the framework of a power structure, fighting to tear down those walls. In this particular movie that was crucial. The issue of sexuality is also explored because in the past they have seen it as a fetish – almost as if it had been created for men – but it was not really known and we wanted to break with that. As for imperfection, she is a flawed human being and she has always found it very difficult to forgive herself for that, so in this movie we wanted to explore what that meant to her and how she finds a new way of being by forgiving herself.

Rachel Weisz, Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh in a scene from the Marvel Studios film.

Did you have a chance to discuss with Scarlett Johansson some aspects of her character?
Yes, from the beginning. When I was in Australia and they offered me [Marvel Studios] working with them, I wasn’t sure if I was the right person for the project, so Scarlett asked to have a Skype call with me. I talked to her about Natasha Romano and that conversation made me interested in the project, because Natasha is a very complex woman and I thought it would be interesting to work with her.


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interview with the director of Black Widow – nonenglishfeed